Photographer Titus Powell

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Bodypainting Photoshoot

I'm no longer doing offering bodypaint photoshoots at present and I would encourage you to consider a non-bodypaint shoot instead.

While the end result with bodypainting is a beautiful image, there's not much variety I can do within the shoot, so you'd probably only ever want to use a couple of the images. It's also much more expensive for you because there's a third party involved (the Bodypaint package is £369, as opposed to my Standard non-bodypaint photoshoot package of £219).

In my normal (non-bodypaint) shoots, there's also more time for the actual photography which allows me to coach you better in how to look relaxed and natural in photos. So overall I feel I can give you a better experience at a much cheaper price, and do a wider range of great photos, if we do a non-bodypaint shoot instead.

So if you'd like a range of beautiful, artistic and/or sexy photos, please check out the example images in the gallery on my Make Me Look Hot page and get in touch.

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