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Bodypainting Photoshoot

Have a wonderful unique experience and get stunning, beautiful photos, all included in a single great price.

More About Bodypainting

Bodypainting is a unique and beautiful photoshoot experience. If you choose this package, you will be painted by one of two top UK body painters - Lauren Baker or Branka Vorkapic, who will come up with a completely unique one-off design for you with your input, based on any ideas or theme you may have in mind.

Bodypainting can be anything from an elaborate design on one part of the body, to an all-over metallic or iridescent shine. It can be done in a way that tastefully shows off the curves of your body, or done on just your back, shoulder and/or face if you'd prefer that. People ask for everything from painted on clothes to a body painted 'bump' when pregnant. The gallery below will give you lots of ideas.

Please note there is only time to do one design or theme during a bodypainting shoot due to the time it takes.

If you want 'normal' photos as well, I offer a Bodypaint Plus package which is effectively a non bodypaint shoot first, followed by the bodypainting.

Body Paint Photoshoot Package

Body Paint Plus Photoshoot Package

Bodypainting Photo Gallery

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