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Makeover Photoshoot - Packages and Prices

Makeovers are best if you don't want to look like yourself, but want the fun experience of transforming into a glamorous alter ego.

If it's important the photos feel like 'you', I highly recommend the Natural package below where you do your own make-up, or one from the General section.

I've been doing this 15 years and in my experience, almost all women who think they want a makeover actually just want great photos where they look as good as possible, yet still like themselves.

It's logical to assume you need professional make-up for that, but as anyone who's had it done before will know, photographic make-up, no matter how expertly done, feels a lot heavier than you're used to, even a very minimal look. Doing your own make-up is not only much cheaper, but you will look and feel much more like yourself, and more comfortable and natural as a result.

In my experience anyone over about 35 tends to be consistently underwhelmed by professional make-up, no matter how expertly it is done, simply because it's not how they're used to looking. Natural looking photos with their usual make-up, on the other hand, they love.

Natural Makeover Photoshoot Package

Standard Makeover Photoshoot Package

Deluxe Makeover Photoshoot Package

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