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Photoshoot Packages for Men

Compare my photoshoot galleries and over 300 glowing testimonials with anyone else you were considering, to see the difference an established, trusted professional photographer makes.

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Photoshoots for men are usually quicker than for women, as there generally isn't a make-up artist and there's less time spent on changing, arranging hair, etc. So as a guy you have an advantage - we'll get as much done in the 2 hour Standard package as I would in a 3 or 4 hour shoot with a woman.

What is Retouching?

Professional retouching (also often called airbrushing) is when a photo is tweaked on a computer to make it as perfect as possible. Every magazine photo and beauty product you've ever seen has had it done.

It's an important stage for any image that's going to be used professionally, and is what gives photos a polished, magazine feel while still looking natural. It subtly removes skin blemishes and lines, much more seamlessly than make-up can, and can even slim body parts that need it. If you want to look younger or slimmer, retouching is what does that, much more than great photography can.

It can be done in a way that doesn't look edited at all. Almost all the images on my website have been retouched to some extent, and as you can see, most have been done in a very natural looking way.

Studio and Outdoors

As long as there is daylight and it's not raining, we can do one or more of the looks outdoors in the area outside my studio. It's right next to the River Thames. If the photos are for dating then I recommend doing the entire shoot outdoors - my Outdoor Locations package - as those will look much more natural than the stylised studio ones. See the gallery below for the difference between studio and outdoor shots.

Make-up Option

If you'd like to have a make-up artist, that costs just £70 extra - please ask when you book. But in almost all cases I recommend you book one of the 'Plus' packages and if need be, put the extra money towards retouching additional images instead. (Make-up won't look as natural.) Additional retouching is just £10 per image if paid for on the day of the shoot, or £20 per image if paid for afterwards.

For further information about working with me, including studio location and all the frequently asked questions, please click HERE.

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