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Business portraits just £209
including all the photos

Compare the quality of my photos (gallery below), amazing inclusive prices and over 700 testimonials with anyone else you were considering to see why people choose to work with me.

Business Basic Photoshoot Package

Business Standard Photoshoot Package

Business Deluxe Photoshoot Package

Business and professional-use portraits can be for a website, LinkedIn, social media, entepreneurial project, blog, book, or any other kind of promo shot you need. They don't need to be corporate or a headshot; the shoot will be entirely tailored to what is most useful for you. As well as studio photos we can also do natural style portraits - please see here for lots of examples. (And fine to do a mix of both styles.)

Business Photoshoot Information

Are the images really all included?

Yes! Almost every other studio and photographer charges you per photo in addition to the shoot, meaning that you end up spending hundreds of pounds more than you thought. All of my prices include all the photos we take, so there's nothing extra to pay on the day.

How many photos will I get?

Part of the magic of good photography is taking lots of variations of any one pose so that you have lots of options when choosing the best ones you want to use. Most studios only let you have a few of the photos, but I find that people really like having the outtakes too, as there are often lots they like and want to use. So you'll get all the photos we take.

The number of photos in a shoot varies with factors like how long you spend changing, whether you're changing your make-up, etc. We'll take at least 100 variations, though, and you'll get to keep all of them at no extra cost.

Can I do fewer photos?

People often only want one or two photos that they're ultimately going to use. Unless you’re a very experienced model, though, it takes time and lots of photos and direction from me to arrive at those really good ones, and I don’t want to compromise the quality of the photos by rushing or cutting it short. The photos get better and better as the shoot goes on – a lot of the initial part is effectively ‘warming up’. So the packages are designed to take someone who isn't used to photoshoots, coach you into looking comfortable and natural, and arrive at the handful of great photos you’ll choose to use.

Can you travel to my office / home?

No, sorry, my equipment isn't portable. You'll get much better photos by coming to my professional studio and that also makes it much cheaper for you as I'm not charging for travel and set-up time.

How long is the shoot?

Typically 90 minutes to 2 hours, which sounds a lot but will fly by. It's effectively a training process as well, as I coach you into looking natural and comfortable in photos - a valuable life skill in itself. Typically we get through about four different custom lighting set-ups, and if you want to do a different outfit with each, you can. The Deluxe package is about an hour longer to allow time for more variety and/or warming up if you've never done a shoot before and are nervous.

What do I wear?

Anything you like! I'll make lots of detailed suggestions when you book, in case that's useful, but the photoshoot is entirely customised to the styles you want to do and whatever you want to wear. Usually for business purposes think 'professional yet approachable' but will obviously depend on the industry you're in.

What happens on the day?

When you arrive, we'll have a quick chat about what would best suit you and your needs. We'll do some warm-up shots to get you comfortable in front of the camera, and then proceed with the shoot.

You don't need any experience or knowledge of poses. Most people are a bit nervous at the beginning - that's completely normal! I'll give you tons of direction all the way through and make it very easy and fun, always aiming for photos that appear natural and effortless.

What about make-up?

Over many years of doing this (full-time since 2007) I've found that people consistently prefer photos when they feel more like themselves, so my shoots are now all 'own make-up'.

In my experience women always assume they'll benefit from a make-up artist, but because professional make-up feels much heavier than you're used to, it feels 'caked on' and will tend to make you look older. Then if you don't like the make-up, it will ruin your photos.

I promise you that you'll like the photos so much more if you do your own make-up because then it's natural looking and 'you' - especially important in a natural style. This is also why my prices aren't several hundred pounds more, so you'll save a lot of money as well as getting more natural photos that feel like you.

Whatever you'd do for an evening out will look fine, whether that's loads of make-up or none at all - the important thing is that it feels comfortably familiar.

I recommend the Standard or Deluxe package because they include some professional editing, and editing is what fixes skin blemishes and the things that people typically hope make-up will improve, but in a much more subtle and natural looking way.

Can I share a shoot with a colleague?

Yes! Although you'll probably need to go for the Deluxe package and split that between you because you'll need the extra time. We can also do some (or all) of the photos together if relevant.

I have another question...

My studio address and answers to all the other questions people usually ask are here. And feel free to contact me any time; I'm very happy to help answer any questions you have.

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