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Make Me Look Hot! Photoshoot

Feel and look sexy... whether to 'capture your figure', wow your boyfriend or just for yourself as a treat...

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Sexy Basic Photoshoot Package

Sexy Standard Photoshoot Package

Sexy Deluxe Photoshoot Package

Photoshoot Information

People often do a mix of styles - some casual or business normal ones for social media or work, and then some private boudoir photos just for fun.

I'll give you lots of suggestions when you book, and make sure you're relaxed and comfortable throughout the shoot. People almost always like classy sexy pictures the most when they are brave enough to try - they're something you can look back on and feel proud of when you're 80!

Are the images really all included?

Yes! Almost every other studio and photographer charges you per photo in addition to the shoot, meaning that end up spending hundreds of pounds more than you thought. All of my prices include all the photos we take, so there's nothing extra to pay on the day.

What about a make-up artist?

I do have a separate Makeover section, but if it's important that the photos feel like 'you', then it's much better to keep it natural and do your own make-up. This also means the shoot is half the price it would otherwise be!

I've been doing photoshoots since 2002 and people always assume they'll benefit from a make-up artist, but professional make-up feels much heavier than you're used to, and even if you ask for it "natural", it will feel really 'caked on'.

People frequently ignore my advice, get it done elsewhere before the shoot and then confess to me afterwards that they wished they'd listened! Whatever you'd do for an evening out will look fine, whether that's loads of make-up or none at all - the important thing is that it feels comfortably familiar.

I recommend the Standard or Deluxe package because they include some professional editing, and editing is what fixes skin blemishes and the things that people typically hope make-up will improve, but in a much more subtle and natural looking way.

What happens on the day?

When you arrive, we'll have a quick chat about what photo styles and ideas would best suit you and your needs. We'll do some warm-up shots to get you comfortable in front of the camera, and then proceed with the shoot.

The number of outfits is just an average, not a hard limit. With each outfit/idea there'll be a different lighting setup, to make it look as good as possible.

I don't provide outfits, so you'll need to bring anything you want to wear but I'll make lots of suggestions when you book in case that's useful.

Most people I work with have never had a shoot before and arrive a bit nervous. That's normal! I'll give you tons of direction all the way through and make it very easy and fun.

100+ photos seems a lot...

Part of the magic of good photography is taking many variations of any one pose so that you have options when choosing ones to use.

Unless you’re a very experienced model, it takes time and lots of photos and direction from me to arrive at really good ones. The photos always get better and better as the shoot goes on, as you relax and look more and more confident. So the packages are designed with this in mind, and it takes over a hundred shots in order to arrive at the really great ones you’d choose to use, especially if you've never done a shoot before.

Most studios only let you have a few of the photos, but I find that people really like having the outtakes too, as there are often lots they like and want to use. So you won't miss out on any - you'll get all the 100+ images we take, all included in the price with nothing extra to pay on the day.

Can we do a boudoir couples shoot?

Yes, absolutely, and I don't charge any extra for that. This is my general couples page. There's only a few boudoir couples shots in there because obviously for most people they're very private in nature and I won't use any of them without permission. We can do any combination of photos individually and together that you like.

I have another question...

Please see my information page here which has my studio address and answers to all the questions people usually ask! And feel free to contact me any time; I'm very happy to help answer any questions you have.

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