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Photoshoots Abroad

As well as my various studio packages, I offer an Ultimate Package, which is a photoshoot abroad - we travel to a country of your choice, anywhere in the world.

You'll get 2 or more full days of photoshoot in dream locations and insanely glamorous photos to make your friends jealous, as well as a fantastic time that you'll remember forever.

Photoshoots Abroad - Photo Gallery

The Ultimate Package is completely tailored to you, so no two shoots are the same. The country we choose is down to what style of photos you want to do, and what you can afford. Mediterranean countries are often cheap to get to with low cost airlines, or we can go further afield to somewhere even more exotic. Pick your dream destination!

You pay my expenses (travel and accommodation) plus a small fee for my time, which is significantly less than my day rate for shoots in London. I love to travel to new places, so if it's somewhere I've never been and really want to go, I'll reduce my fee even further.

So this is a vacation and photoshoot in one, and we will spend 2 full days (often more) taking photos. Typically people book 4-5 days there so they have time to settle in, relax and chill out there too.

If you want to bring a friend or partner, I will do photos for you both for no extra charge, so you can split the cost between you. Or if you already live outside the UK, then you can just fly me to where you are. Contact me to discuss further!

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