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Studio Location

Please note that I am based in lovely Nottingham now, not London. My studio address is:

Unit 6, The Glassworks,
Crocus Street,

Titus Powell Photoshoot Location Titus Powell in action

It's just 2 minutes walk from Nottingham train station, which is close to the centre of town.

Do you live in London or further afield? People have come for my shoots from as far away as Norway, Pakistan, Switzerland, Lebanon and Dubai. Even for maternity shoots people often travel a couple of hours to get here, which is truly humbling.

Fundamentally, if you're going to go to the effort and expense of having your photos done, it's worth going to someone whose work really appeals to you, even if you have to travel a bit to get there. Photographers aren't interchangeable like plumbers, where the nearest and cheapest one will do. Please don't come to me because I'm near you - come because you love my work and want the best!

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