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Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions for paying photoshoot clients of professional photographer Titus Powell.

Deposits and Payment

I charge a small deposit to secure a photoshoot booking, and the remainder is due on or before the day of the shoot itself. Deposits are non-refundable.


It is fine to reschedule your photoshoot booking, one time, as long as you give a week's notice. Rescheduling more than once, or rescheduling with less than a week's notice, may require a new deposit, at my discretion.

Delivery of Photos

A download link for all the images from the shoot (in a convenient 'internet size', approximately 2000 pixels long) will be sent to you within 24 hours of the shoot. Any that you want in huge resolution, just let me know the relevant image numbers within three months and I'll transfer those versions across to you as well. If you want me to send a USB stick with all the images from the shoot in both huge and internet sized versions, that costs just £10.

Image Copyright and Usage Rights

Technically the copyright of any photo defaults to the photographer as the 'author' of the photo. But as my client, you are granted unlimited usage rights for all of your photos for all time, meaning you don't need to ask permission to use them and can use them in any way you like. Nor do you need to credit me. The only ways you may not use the photos is selling them directly, or claiming the photographer was anyone other than Titus Powell.

Use of Your Images

I will not use any of your photos on my website or anywhere else without your permission. Any usage arising from your own distribution of them (e.g. on Facebook, to boyfriends, etc.) is entirely your own responsibility.

Storage and Deletion of Images

Normally I keep all photos for a period of 3 months, then delete the huge resolution images. If you would like me to keep your photos for a longer period, or delete them sooner, that's fine, just ask.

Professional Editing

It generally takes just over a week to edit a batch of up to ten photos. An express service may be possible if you need them sooner, which costs more - please ask if you need them urgently.

The retoucher will do his best to accommodate your requests but not all requests are possible and please note that due to the third party work involved, no refunds are possible for professional editing. Hair in particular is usually too difficult to edit. Further requested revisions to the edited photos may be subject to an additional charge.

The professional editing service offered is competitively priced. It is not the same as the more intricate high-end beauty retouching seen in beauty product campaigns, for which firms would expect to pay at least eight times as much. Similarly it does not include more time-consuming work such as inserting graphic design elements such as text or other images edited into the photo.

There is no time limit on selecting photos for editing. Please bear in mind though that I may not have a copy of the images after three months.

Lost Property

Please make sure you take all of your belongings with you when you leave. I am not liable for anything left behind.

Use of My Website Photos and Content

The photos, galleries and content on this website are fully protected by copyright and intellectual property law. They may not be used in any way without written permission.

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