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Compare the quality of my photos, amazing inclusive prices and over 700 testimonials with anyone else you were considering to see why people choose to work with me.

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* See below for more about the editing and what this means.

A lot of the magic of great photography is actually the editing. If you're going to the effort of a photoshoot, it's well worth having all of your favourite images edited so you look as good as possible.

Professional editing is when a photo is improved in Photoshop in a completely natural looking way. It is not like those tacky app filters that blast out all skin detail and make you look fake.

My editing has two stages: (1) Natural Skin Retouching and, optionally, (2) Digitally Matched Locations. Details of what this means below.

Skin retouching is the traditional process of cleaning up an image, removing blemishes that aren't fundamentally part of your look, and making you look as good as possible in a natural way. Strategic slimming of body parts can often also be done, if required. This is not cheating any more than it is to breathe in or wear flattering clothes! Retouching is just a way of guaranteeing you're having a good skin day and looking your best.

Using cutting edge AI technology, I can enrich your photos with completely natural looking bespoke digital backgrounds that complement your look and style perfectly. This enhances your photos with atmosphere and glamour in a way that simply wasn't possible until very recently. It's breathtaking, game-changing tech that no one else offers yet, and you get to benefit from it first.

We shoot indoors at my studio or outdoors, depending on the look you are after. I then generate entirely new complimentary backgrounds of your favourite images, carefully matching the lighting and perspective of your photos so that they look seamless, realistic and immersive.

This is much more sophisticated than just sticking an existing image behind you with old green screen technology. This is custom generating an entirely new and believable background that looks seamlessly real because it matches the lighting, mood and angles of the original shot perfectly. The technology is amazing.

So you get beautiful, editorial quality images with subtle, dreamy backdrops - without the need for complicated photoshoots on location. No one will know how or where the magic was done. Whether you want natural looking photos or more glamorous ones, this exclusive service allows me to create magazine worthy shots for you right from my studio and outdoors nearby, giving you gorgeous photos you'll cherish forever.

Editing is a lot of work but I love the creativity, so at the moment I only charge £20 per image that you want edited. The Standard package includes editing of your favourite 5 images and the Deluxe includes editing of your favourite 10, both at a discount. With all edited images you'll get versions with and without the Digitally Matched Location background so you have both options.

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