Photographer Titus Powell

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"Hi Titus, Thank you ever so much, these are all really lovely!"
- Hatsy Amos, 09/01/2019

"It was a great experience, you did an amazing job - thanks."
- Gokhan Ciflikli, 04/01/2019

"Thanks you so much for the pictures. They are amazing! I would totally recommend you to my friends."
- Cherrie Ho, 02/01/2019

"Omg I love them!!!!"
- Emily Pugh, 24/12/2018

"I love love love love them, thank you so much, they are beautiful."
- Hayley Magill, 13/12/2018

"Hey... I loveeeee the pictures! You did such an amazing job. The pictures were captured beautifully and is beyond what we expected. Thank you so much again."
- Aman Gill, 08/12/2018

"Hi Titus, I really enjoyed the shoot yesterday. I looked at the photos and I'm extremely happy with them, thank you so much, it's brilliant. You really did amazing work and I'm absolutely satisfied with the result!"
- Jan Jenicek, 05/12/2018

"Hi Titus, Thank you so much for the photos. I love them!!!"
- Florina Oprea, /12/2018

"OMG Titus, I'm in love. You're amazing. Wow."
- Dani Kelaty, 02/12/2018

"They are so lovely!!!! I got what I wanted. Really impressed. Thanks so much."
- Eva Bracha, 02/12/2018

"Dear Titus, I am in love with them, thank you."
- Kristyna Malikova, 30/11/2018

"Thank you very much for the quick service... The quality of the photos is absolutely amazing."
- Makia Foday, 24/11/2018

"Titus – thanks so much for all your excellent work. Most sincerely appreciated."
- Michael Moran, 21/11/2018

"Thank you ever so much! I really enjoyed myself today! Love the photos!!! You are a god send!!"
- Charley Evans, 21/11/2018

"Hi Titus, I had a great time, thank you. You made me feel very comfortable and I enjoyed every minute of the shoot. I'd happily recommend you to anyone."
- Catherine Shorrock, 14/11/2018

"Thank you Titus for being professional, kind and making me feel comfortable... I really enjoyed it. I love the photos!"
- Nawfal Soual, 11/11/2018

"The photos are amazing, thank you!"
- Carlota Madera, 11/11/2018

"Hi Titus, Thanks so much for these photos. We really enjoyed the shoot and the results are wonderful!!"
- Rosemary Teow, 05/11/2018

"I am loving these pictures :) You are the best!"
- Melinda Budafoki, 31/10/2018

"It was a pleasure doing this shoot with you, thank you for the great photos."
- Nelli Preisz, 24/10/2018

"Thanks again for the amazing pictures!"
- Veronica Balzano, 21/10/2018

"They’re amazing! We absolutely loved the shoot day, it was a great new experience and we’re so pleased to have a beautiful set of pictures from it. Thank you for making us feel so comfortable too."
- Charlotte Greenleaf, 19/10/2018

"Hi Titus, I can’t believe we haven’t said thank you for these amazing photos. Sorry and Thank You!! We are delighted with them."
- Andrew Dangerfield, 19/10/2018

"Titus - pictures are excellent! Great job and thanks very much."
- Pedro Kutova, 18/10/2018

"Thanks so much for the pictures. They are really lovely."
- Sadia Adechoubou, 16/10/2018

"Hi Titus, thank you for having us yesterday, the pictures are great! We are so happy and pleased with them. Thank you so much!"
- Esha Mugure, 15/10/2018

"Thank you again for the amazing photos. I cant wait to show them around."
- Andrea Cortinas, 15/10/2018

"Photos look great. Good job. I'm going to get the word out about how good you are!"
- Anil Madhok, 11/10/2018

"Hi Titus, Thanks for your kind email and for all the super photos; these really are excellent."
- Alexis Ochoa, 08/10/2018

"Thank you ever so much for your wonderful photos, it was such a joy getting back in front of the camera again!"
- Chloe White, 02/10/2018

"Many thanks for this lovely experience we both enjoyed very much."
- Coco Liu, 30/09/2018

"Thank you Titus! You are a star!... You were so helpful and encouraging. I never realised having one’s photo taken could be so much fun!"
- Mari Grundy, 30/09/2018

"It was lovely seeing you. We loved the photo session very much."
- Tomomi Urayama, 29/09/2018

"Thank again for being so open and professional and giving Ella such a special birthday experience and dozens of beautiful pictures! You were amazing making her feel comfortable and confident!"
- Lara Kutova, 23/09/2018

"I love them! Thanks again Titus!"
- Sherdayla Noble, 20/09/2018

"I just want to say thank you again for being so amazing and easy to work with."
- Devon Miller, 20/09/2018

"Omg I love them!!... I can’t thank you enough for such a great day! I am so so happy with the images :-) and look forward to working with you again one day!"
- Emma Selwood, 17/09/2018

"The photos look amazing, better than I hoped! Thank you so much."
- Vicki Bradley, 10/09/2018

"They're perfect Titus, thank you so so much!!"
- Pelu Lanlehin, 07/09/2018

"Hi Titus, it was lovely to meet you today, you made it fun and very easy, I am loving the shots... excellent job done."
- Roberta Stewart, 01/09/2018

"Wow, so many of them are so good!!! Thank you, those are amazing pictures!"
- Anna Loskutova, 27/08/2018

"Omg yay! Thank you so much Titus, we love them!!"
- Minhtuyen Nguyen, 26/08/2018

"Hello Titus! Got all of them! They look awesome!!!"
- Akzhan Sargaskayeva, 24/08/2018

"Hi Titus, They are fantastic! Thank you so much. Very happy with them."
- Edward Calcutt, 16/08/2018

"Thank you Titus for the amazing day yesterday! Iris and I received the photos are are delighted with them. Thank you very much for your help!"
- Ronald Man, 15/08/2018

"Hi Titus, Thanks so much! The pictures are amazing... Can't stop looking at them! Thanks again for that great Shooting! Had a lot of fun."
- Ina Steiner, 13/08/2018

"Hi Titus. Thanks for these. I'm really pleased that there are some GREAT shots there. Just what I wanted from this shoot."
- Jack Lovechild, 10/08/2018

"The pics look amazing! Will definitely be using you again."
- Richie Lionheart, 05/08/2018

"Just want to say the photos look perfect... Couldn't have wished for better pictures. A huge thank you for your effort and patience... You were so professional throughout the entire time and just a really nice person. I can't wait to hopefully work with you in the future in more shoots. Amazing photos."
- Layla Albaidhani, 26/07/2018

"Thank you again for Sunday! We are so appreciate of the beautiful shots you've taken to capture our pregnancy journey! We love them all."
- Nicole Miles, 25/07/2018

"Hi Titus, Thank you so so so so SO much! I am beyond in love with them!!"
- Emily Evans, 19/07/2018

"Hi Titus. Thank you for the photos... all of them are amazing, thank you... I’m very happy with them."
- Alejandra Sanchez, 13/07/2018

"Thanks for the pics, they’re amazing and I had a great time, thank you."
- Natalie Wood, 05/07/2018

"Thanks Titus, the photos look great!"
- Emilio Castillo, 01/07/2018

"Dear Titus, Thank you so much for yesterday, it was a very pleasing experience. Of course, the photos are awesome."
- Angus Lee, 28/06/2018

"Thank you so much, we love them!!"
- Rebekah Wallace, 18/06/2018

"Hi Titus, Thank you for a great time on Saturday, one in a lifetime experience! Really enjoyed it!"
- Alex Sansom, 18/06/2018

"I wanted to say a very big and heartfelt thank you to you. I was beaming the whole way home. You are not only one of the nicest people I've ever met, but aside from your warmth you are probably the most talented photographer I've come across (and, I've come across a few!)... You have truly captured this beautiful chapter in our lives exactly how we wanted, but better. Thank you for being patient with us and for making today so unforgettable. It was a very tiring 2-hour drive, but so very worth it and I really hope we have an opportunity to work together when the baby arrives."
- Jessi Grewal, 17/06/2018

"Dear Titus, Many thanks for the photos, we're very happy with them!"
- Liene Ozolina, 16/06/2018

"Thank you for the great pictures."
- Teresa Lodge, 10/06/2018

"Hi Titus, Thanks so much for the great photos, I must say its so difficult to choose which are the better ones as they are all extremely good. I never realise I could look good in certain angles but you have proved it wrong, I still don't know how you did it! And most importantly you have definitely captured the real me. Maggie loves the photos as well and she has already shared the joy with so many of her friends in Hong Kong. One thing we forget to do that day was having a photo with you to capture such a memorable day for all of us. Thanks so much again. Will definitely recommend to my friends."
- Claire Cheung, 04/06/2018

"Hi Titus. Thank you so much. They are stunning."
- Jane Shea, 04/06/2018

"Hi Titus, Just to let you know I have downloaded the pics all okay, you did an amazing job! Thank you!"
- Anna Pond, 03/06/2018

"Hi Titus. Thank you so much for such a great photo shoot experience today. From the moment I met you,you were so professional but also friendly and relaxed and made me feel instantly at ease. I love the sneak peek that I had of all the photos and know they're going to be amazing. I'm so happy I found you and would 100% recommend you to everyone!"
- Laura Bacon, 01/06/2018

"Thanks for your photos, they are stunning :)"
- Alice Kwan, 31/05/2018

"Hey Titus. Thank you so much for today and the extra mile you went. You've made it fun, you were professional, you were attentive, provided valuable coaching and I'm sure I'll use those tips in future photos. I really appreciate it. It's inspirational to see people saying goodbye to 9-5pm job and doing so well with what they love."
- April Lui, 29/05/2018

"Hi Titus, Thank you so much, they are great!"
- Sommer Oliver, 29/05/2018

"Hi Titus, The photos look great! So excited to use them."
- Annabel McLeod, 27/05/2018

"Hi Titus. Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the pictures. They are amazing!!!!"
- Anna Kornev, 23/05/2018

"Hi Titus. Pics are perfect. I'm very happy with them."
- Alina Gheju, 23/05/2018

"Hi Titus, It was a pleasure meeting you today... Thank you again so so much, I’ve just had a look at them all, they all look fantastic! Very pleased with them all thank you for all your hard work! I’ll be sure to recommend you to friends and tag you in some that I upload! I definitely feel like more people need to know about your work! Looking forward to working together again in the not too distant future."
- Sofia Lyne, 21/05/2018

"Hi Titus. I got the pictures last night and I'm really pleased with how they came out! Thank you for the great job!"
- Conor O'Malley, 17/05/2018

"I am very happy with the pictures. I can't actually believe that I have some good pictures taken of me, didn't think it's going to happen in this lifetime:)). Thank you very much... You are very talented. Now I see why the hundreds of 5 star reviews. For someone like me to look good in pictures it takes real skill. Thank you!!!"
- Reka Ilyes, 12/05/2018

"Thank you so much it was a wonderful experience very much appreciated."
- Celeste Greetham, 10/05/2018

"I really enjoyed the shooting and would like to do another one one day surprisingly. Thank you very much, you are a great photographer !"
- Justina Grosset, 10/05/2018

"I am absolutely speechless... Thank you so much."
- Lucy Campbell, 03/05/2018

"Hello Titus, Many thanks for the day and for the fantastic photos. There are amazing. No only the photos are professional but the service is great. We are very satisfied with the results and most definitely we will recommend you."
- Lorena Korosztos, 22/04/2018

"Hi Titus, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the amazing photo shoot today. Girls were buzzing on the journey home... They felt very comfortable and relaxed with your direction so I can't tell you how grateful I am for that."
- Vanessa Ruffett, 21/04/2018

"Thank you so much for all your help today. It was an amazing experience... We love them."
- Kedian Goode, 15/04/2018

"Hi Titus, Thank you! We are really pleased with how they have turned out."
- Amber Dale, 09/04/2018

"Such an amazing day and wonderful pictures (again!) Thank you so much."
- Zoe Wright, 05/04/2018

"Hello Titus! Thank you so much! I love them all!"
- Sarah Ibrahim, 01/04/2018

"Thank you for the photos, I love them."
- Celine Callow, 29/03/2018

"Thank you very much, Titus, for the wonderful experience yesterday and the fantastic pictures!"
- Larisa Morgan, 27/03/2018

"As an online dating coach my pictures are my signature and I have struggled to find a photographer who could capture my personality and essence... With Titus it was a breeze! I felt comfortable from the second we met and throughout the shoot. Titus has the magic behind the camera that really captures your personality. I'm really pleased with my photos and Titus is now my 'go to' photographer not just for myself but for my clients too!"
- Nadia Joy, 20/03/2018

"Thank you so much for today, you really made me feel comfortable and confident. I will definitely recommend you to my friends at uni."
- Ellie Plowman, 17/03/2018

"Thank you for an amazing day and amazing photos."
- Nikki Richards, 13/03/2018

"We had really great experience, thank you."
- Valentina Rodrigo, 12/03/2018

"Thank you ever so much for today. I had an amazing time. You made it all fun and exciting! I'll definitely be recommending you. They all look amazing! Love them all... I should do this more often."
- Temi Ajose, 05/03/2018

"Hi Titus, Just downloaded all the photos onto my laptop, really pleased with them. Ill let you know which ones I'd like editing soon. Again thank you for last weekend, it was wonderful!"
- Emily Thornton, 01/03/2018

"Dear Titus, Thanks so much for a superfun photoshoot - the pics are amazing and I will definitely recommend you to others. You did an amazing job."
- Seshni Moodliar, 28/02/2018

"Thank you so much for such a good day. I loved every minute! You are an amazing photographer!"
- Daisy Bennett, 26/02/2018

"Hi Titus, it was great working with you. I really enjoyed the shoot. Thanks for the great experience, and the photos look excellent!"
- Franco Rahman, 22/02/2018

"Hi Titus. Thank you so much for the photo shoot, both myself and Natasha had a fantastic afternoon. I can confirm that I have received all the photos and they look amazing."
- Kam Gill, 16/02/2018

"Thank you for making Charlotte feel so comfortable this afternoon. She really enjoyed herself and is delighted with the photos – they are stunning!"
- Liz Barton, 16/02/2018

"Hi Titus, the photos are great, everyone's raving about them."
- Jo Castello, 16/02/2018

"Hi Titus. Thank you very much for the photos and for the photo shoot today. It was great fun and the photos look great."
- John Messent, 28/01/2018

"Thanks a lot! A wonderful day."
- Sara Dahl, 24/01/2018

"Hi Titus, It was indeed a pleasure to meet you today and thank you so much for your welcome and making this occasion a special one for us. We Love the photos. Again, heaps of thanks for this experience and I look forward to meeting you other time in the future."
- Dora Csillik, 19/01/2018

"Hi Titus, Fantastic photographs, big thank you :)"
- Karen Baker, 18/01/2018

"Omg the pictures are amazing! Thank you for a lovely photo shoot."
- Kamila Voronkova, 15/01/2018

"It was great working with you. I really enjoyed the shoot and thank you for making the whole experience very smooth. Very happy with the the photos - there are many good ones!"
- Sachin Jain, 14/01/2018

"Thank you Titus!!! Just got the pictures I love them and it was great meeting you!!!"
- Gemma Walters, 14/01/2018

"Hey Titus, Thank you so much! We had a great time. You made it so easy for us to relax and enjoy ourselves."
- Leigh Jackson, 08/01/2018

"Dear Titus, Thank-you for today. We both enjoyed meeting you. You have a lovely way of relaxing people and putting them at ease. Thank-you for welcoming us and exceeding our expectations! We love them."
- Loraine Farrell, 07/01/2018

"Just wanted to thank you for your great job. You must be an exceptional photographer!"
- Anne Martel, 05/01/2018

"Dear Titus, Photos are amazing!!! Thank you so much!!!"
- Natalia Artyukhova, 14/12/2017

"I've just had a look!! I love them! Thank you!!"
- Marie Richard, 08/12/2017

"I love them! You are so talented. Thank you thank you thank you!"
- Ellie Bradshaw, 01/12/2017

"They are amazing! Thank you so much. Super pleased!!"
- John Georgeson, 26/11/2017

"Hi Titus, thank you very much! Seriously, I do not know how to thank you!!! Your photos are AMAZING!!!! You did such a great job as you managed to improve my image incredibly though I am not really a model!!! Fabulous!!! I am so happy about that!!!!"
- Patrizio Sperelli, 23/11/2017

"Hi Titus, I have had a quick glance at the pictures. They look absolutely fabulous. Thank you very much."
- Marlene Cuambe, 22/11/2017

"Hi Titus. Thank you for the photos, they all look really fab and I love them!"
- Stephanie Vernage, 18/11/2017

"Thank you so much for creating such wonderful pictures."
- Folake Abudiore, 13/11/2017

"Hi Titus, Absolutely loveee the pictures and thank u for an amazing experience."
- Prachi Shah, 13/11/2017

"We all had a lovely time & are very excited about the photos. Once more thank you for a wonderful photoshoot."
- Halima Karama, 09/11/2017

"Thank you! The pictures look amazing! We really like them. "
- Szilvia Bondar, 06/11/2017

"Hi Titus, Thank you so much for a lovely shoot yesterday, we both really enjoyed it, it was very relaxing and didn’t feel rushed so that was great! The pictures look fantastic!"
- Naomi Lamey, 05/11/2017

"Thank you for everything today. You are brilliant to work with and made me feel comfortable. I’ll definitely recommend you to people I know."
- Michelle Thornber, 21/10/2017

"Thank you Titus for the great pictures, you have an amazing talent for directing and putting people at ease on set. My son was delighted with the pictures, we knew the agency world would be tough to crack but we are already getting some early interest. It was as you said so tough to select the final eight shots."
- Nick Manning, 19/10/2017

"Hi Titus, Thank you so much for my pics. I love them!!"
- Samantha Vandepeer, 18/10/2017

"Thank you Titus! These are amazing."
- Lindsey Hood, 18/10/2017

"Hi Titus!! I had SUCH an amazing day yesterday- one that I will forever remember. You're such an incredible person to work with & I can't wait to shoot some more stuff with you in the future! I've had a quick look at the many, many photos and I love them all so much!"
- Deena Kapadia, 16/10/2017

"The photos are brilliant. I love them. They are superb."
- Jamie Carroll, 13/10/2017

"I am extremely happy with the quality of the photos and I really enjoyed working with you."
- Elizabeth Choppy, 08/10/2017

"I just want to say thank you, you did such a great job and made us all feel really comfortable, caught some amazing photos of us and of my little boy, thank you so much!!"
- Shannon Beebe, 04/10/2017

"Wow!! Thank you! They look amazing!!!"
- Szilvia Bondar, 02/10/2017

"Hi Titus. She had a fantastic day - thank you so much!"
- Adeline Jennings, 01/10/2017

"Fantastic experience. Thank you so much."
- Anna Harker, 27/09/2017

"Hi Titus, Thank you so much, I'm really pleased with the photos. I can't thank you enough for all of the guidance you gave me throughout the shoot. I am looking forward to working with you again."
- Jasmine Paxman, 25/09/2017

"Hi Titus, thank you very much for the pictures! They are beautiful!"
- Rien Sendi, 22/09/2017

"Hi Titus, They are beautiful, thank you so much for a lovely day, making it so comfortable for both of us."
- Amreet Sehra, 20/09/2017

"Hello Titus, thank you so much for the photos. It was a beautiful shoot and I like so many of them."
- Georgia Watson, 15/09/2017

"Hello Titus, It was really nice to meet you and do the photo shoot. The photos look absolutely stunning! Thank you so much!"
- Hyde Hilly, 12/09/2017

"I'm well happy with them, theres a lot of really good ones in there, I'm surprised they turned out that well honestly. Thank you so much! It was great meeting you and you made my first photoshoot a really fun experience, I'll definitely let you know when I need another."
- Shannon Brewer, 11/09/2017

"We had a lovely time, thanks for making us feel welcome. Great photos."
- Will Green, 08/09/2017

"Titus! Thank you! I love them!"
- Meya Shaho, 07/09/2017

"Hi Titus, Just had a look at the photos. Very very pleased!!! They look so nice and we are happy about today's experience (thank you for making it easy)."
- Svetlana Lemtyugina, 27/08/2017

"OMG I'm near to cry. Pictures are beautiful... Light and everything are perfect. Thank you so much, you made my day. How beautiful are these pictures. My god."
- Annateresa Liparoti, 21/08/2017

"It was a pleasure, Titus, thank you so much for everything! The pictures look sooo good!!"
- Barbara Ramecz, 21/08/2017

"I can't thank you enough. It was amazing today!!"
- Cecilia Domingos, 17/08/2017

"I had such a good day and you are soooo talented! You made me feel very comfortable and I will definitely recommend you. Thank you!"
- Elysia Westwood, 15/08/2017

"Hi Titus, I would like to say thank you very much for making Sunday a really great day. We are enjoying looking through all the photos."
- Adam Walker, 14/08/2017

"Hi Titus, The photos are great, really enjoyed it. Thank you again."
- James Stowell, 12/08/2017

"Thank you for your fabulous work. I love all of them very much."
- Allie Hunt, 12/08/2017

"Hi Titus, Thanks for the photos. They look really good and I am very pleased with the results of the photo shoot. If I need any more photos I will certainly come back and in the meantime I will highly recommend you to any friends who might be interested in have some photos done."
- Dean Thompson, 06/08/2017

"Thanks for the photos, they really are fantastic! Great day for Tasha and I'm sure we'll meet again."
- Sam Cooper, 01/08/2017

"Hi Titus! Thank you so much for this! I don't know how you've managed to make me look so appealing in some of these, you're so talented! Really, really happy with these and you were so brilliant with me... I think they melted the brains of some of my Youtube fans"
- Sarah Chalk, 31/07/2017

"I love my photos and I really did have alot of fun."
- Kira Woodcock, 29/07/2017

"Hi Titus, Thank you so much for yesterday. Maddie had an amazing time and was buzzing all the way home! I think it's certainly given her a taste of what it's like to be in front of the camera and she loved it. Thank you for spending so much time with us and for making one young lady extremely happy."
- Shelley Hawkins, 25/07/2017

"Thank you for your amazing service."
- Sherifah Ponle, 23/07/2017

"We are delighted with the photos."
- Nick Manning, 21/07/2017

"Thank you so much Titus for capturing our lovely n life time cherishing memories with such ease n perfection. Just loved all the photographs... "
- Divya Solanki, 17/07/2017

"We are absolutely over the moon with our photos... they are amazing!!! Thank you so much once again!!"
- Zoe Knight, 14/07/2017

"Hi Titus, Wow we have some amazing shots, thank you so much :-)"
- Warren Knight, 13/07/2017

"Dear Titus, Thank you for these – some really excellent images... thank you for your patience and your very clear explanations. We hope to see you again."
- Michael Faulkner, 12/07/2017

"The whole experience was great, all of us enjoyed it and we’ll recommend you to others."
- Krisztina Varadine, 12/07/2017

"Hi Titus, Thank you very much for a great day working with you, it was lovely to meet you. You made me very relaxed and at ease. The photos are lovely....thank you once again!!"
- Linsey Denley, 11/07/2017

"Hi Titus, It was great working with you, made me feel comfortable and relax to do the photo shoot. I love all the pictures, thank you so much."
- Carla Almeida, 09/07/2017

"There were so many great pictures! Thank you so much!"
- Bethany Brett, 30/06/2017

"Hi Titus, Thank you very much for a very productive session - the results are fantastic."
- Zac Tate, 29/06/2017

"Wow!!!! Thank you so much, you are the BEST!!!!"
- Reggi Sidostar, 27/06/2017

"This was my first photoshoot and Titus was so helpful and encouraging that it was never awkward or uncomfortable. Beautiful photos as a result. So pleased!"
- Diana Buzuaiter, 25/06/2017

"It was great working with Titus, the photo shoot was really enjoyable and so much fun. There was a very friendly, relaxed atmosphere and the two hours simply flew by. I'm so happy with the pictures, it was hard to pick my favourites. I highly recommend this experience and I look forward to coming back!"
- Ruxandra Mindruta, 25/06/2017

"Thank you so much for the shoot. I'll definitely come again."
- Humza Munir, 23/06/2017

"Hi Titus, Thank you so much for today's photoshoot. I enjoyed every moment of it. The pictures look amazing, thank you for all your work and suggestions."
- Lilla Saho, 19/06/2017

"Thank you for everything. Good job, I'm so happy."
- Maria Uhanska, 12/06/2017

"Wow they are amazing, thanks so much!"
- Melissa Halman, 09/06/2017

"Hi Titus, Thanks very much... it was good fun! There are some really great photos in there, so many thanks for that! "
- Will Thompson, 04/06/2017

"It was great mate, you're a genius."
- Kris Mcateer, 01/06/2017

"Hi Titus, Thank you, they look great! so happy!"
- Mihai Dragu, 31/05/2017

"Hi Titus, thank you for the images, they look great, very professional... I am very happy with the result... I also enjoyed the shoot. I am a very satisfied customer."
- Annalee Chin, 30/05/2017

"Hi, Titus. Thank you so much for your magical work! I really appreciate it."
- Tarinee Sawetnaphanon, 30/05/2017

"Hi Titus, Thanks so much for sending the photos. We are both really pleased with them and had so much fun during the shoot. We'll definitely be seeing you again soon for another session."
- James Steele, 28/05/2017

"Hi Titus, Thank you so much, the photos look really good. It was so lovely to meet you. Thanks again."
- Chanice Aspris, 27/05/2017

"Service was impeccable. I appreciate you big time. Bless."
- Eric Ibidapo, 06/05/2017

"Hi Titus, Lovely to meet you, so much fun shooting and thank you for the photos, they are beautiful I'm so happy with them!"
- Celine Callow, 05/05/2017

"Hi Titus, I really enjoyed the photo shoot; it was excellent. And I was certainly spoilt for choice with the pics... All in all thanks for a great experience and the really good photos."
- Espen Collins, 05/05/2017

"Dear Titus, just a quick note to say thank you so much for the photos... Absolutely brilliant and I couldn't have asked for more, and have already started using them."
- Rita Chadha, 01/05/2017

"Dear Titus, a belated email to say thank you for the photos... I'm very happy with how they've turned out and would happily recommend you to anyone."
- Mark Galtrey, 30/04/2017

"Hey Titus, thank you for the amazing opportunity getting to work with you, all the pictures look amazing, i'm so happy with them all! Really enjoyed myself yesterday."
- Luke Roberts, 14/04/2017

"Hey Titus, just want to say thank you so much for today. We both really enjoyed it. :)"
- Meg Stoker, 13/04/2017

"Hello Titus, Thank you for the photos they are fab! Thank you for your hospitality as well on Monday, it was a great experience."
- Danii Scott, 11/04/2017

"Hi Titus, It is very nice photos and you are very professional photographer. I am glad that we met you. Thank you so much to make me beautiful."
- Son Jima, 09/04/2017

"Hey Titus! Got the images. Very chuffed my man, was a pleasure working with you. I had a great time!"
- Munashe Chirisa, 30/03/2017

"Hi Titus, Thank you so much for yesterday! Really enjoyed my day and I love the outcomes from it! Thank you for such a fun day! "
- Anna Gardener, 18/03/2017

"Hey Titus! Thank you so much for the shoot, I loved every minute of it!"
- Molly Noble, 16/03/2017

"Hey Titus, Thank you so much for a brilliant day! I've just downloaded the photos and love them"
- Laura Dulwich, 16/03/2017

"Hi Titus, I had a great day, thank you! The photos are fantastic! My friends and family love them! Many thanks!"
- Andrew Smith, 03/03/2017

"Thank you so much! I was so happy with the photos and the atmosphere was great!"
- Shahna Astill, 02/03/2017

"Thanks for today Titus, it was great working with you and you were fantastic. I'll be asking for your services again in the near future!"
- Andrew Smith, 02/03/2017

"Hi Titus! Thank you so much! I absolutely love them! Everyone is loving and I know they all want to book you!"
- Annelies Howard, 01/03/2017

"Hi Titus, We did enjoy the shoot, it was such a lovely experience for us as a family and was also a pleasure meeting you. Thank you ever so much! The pictures are absolutely gorgeous, really happy with them... your service has been faultless. "
- Rien Shaka-Sendi, 22/02/2017

"Hi Titus, Many thanks for today, it was a very pleasant and enjoyable photoshoot! In any case someone asks me, I will definitely recommend you!"
- Kelvin Fang, 21/02/2017

"Hi Titus, We thoroughly enjoyed the photo shoot and the photos have come out really beautiful. We both are really pleased with your photography. All the photos are really extraordinary, every single photo is so beautiful. Thanks a million !! We are very excited about coming back soon for another photo-shoot with our little Baby in a few months time !!"
- Tarun and Anusha Pola, 21/02/2017

"Hi Titus, I just want to let you know that we have seen all the pictures...and WOW.. they are really amazing ! We are totally blown away by them. We couldn't be more happy. Thank God we found you. Sydnie is elated. It's going to be really difficult to decide on our favourites because we love them all. How on earth are we going to choose?"
- Raina Hutchins, 19/02/2017

"Thank you very much for making me feel so at ease... I love the photos!"
- Charlotte Debeugny, 18/02/2017

"My boyfriend absolutely loved the photos... Every time I walked over to where he was, he was looking over them again and again with a big smile on his face. You did an amazing job. Thank you!"
- Maria Deliyiannis, 14/02/2017

"Thank you so much, I love them!"
- Millie Miles, 12/02/2017

"I really enjoyed my photoshoot with you! Lots of fun and good energy. You are really talented :) Thank you Titus for your hard work with us and I hope to see you for another fab photoshoot."
- Elena Wood, 10/02/2017

"Thank you so much. I absolutely enjoyed working with you. Your work is amazing and I'll definitely see you again."
- Stanella Dawkins, 05/02/2017

"Wow... I'm impressed. Thank you very much for your help and professionality."
- Alexandre Mastroianni, 30/01/2017

"Thank you so much Titus. Freddi absolutely loved it. You made her feel so comfortable. And we all really enjoyed the experience. Thank you for your hospitality. A true professional but so friendly and calming too... I deffo made the right choice. Am glad we found you. My Rhea wants her pics done now so we will be in touch again soon... Amazing."
- Keeley Ramsey, 22/01/2017

"Hi Titus, I really enjoyed the experience of the photo shoot today. It was a great and pleasurable experience. The photos are looking superb."
- Mahen Jhugroo, 15/01/2017

"Thanks a lot Titus, there are so many beautiful pictures that the problem is just selecting them. It has been a pleasure to work with you, I will be in touch should a plan a 2nd one."
- Giorgio Calapa, 15/01/2017

"Hi Titus, I really enjoyed working with you as you made the experience very enjoyable and easy. I am very happy with the photos. The quality is certainly very good."
- James Crawford, 14/01/2017

"We both wanted to say thank you for the amazing pictures and awesome work. We had a great time and definitely will make it again as soon as we come back to visit London. Thank you very much and wish you all the best."
- Fajer Jassim, 08/01/2017

"Dear Titus, Just a quick note to thank you for a very enjoyable photoshoot and to say how pleased I am with the photos - they have been much admired for their professional quality."
- Spencer Williams, 07/01/2017

"Hi Titus, just got the email and looking at the photos... they look so good! Thank you sooo much! I will be recommending you whenever possible!"
- Sean Power, 07/01/2017

"Hi Titus, Many thanks for the pictures, they're fantastic. I'll definitely be back this year for another shoot."
- Danny Simmonds, 05/01/2017

"Hi Titus! Thanks sooo much! wonderful job, I liked them a lot and already chose what I need for the web.. I enjoyed a lot the session and never thought it was going to be so nice! I'm surprised and would like to do it again!"
- Mariana Farah, 23/12/2016

"Hi Titus. Thanks for making it such a relaxed and enjoyable experience!"
- Ben Williams, 22/12/2016

"I’ve got the images, thanks Titus, they’re lovely."
- Adrian Pegg, 21/12/2016

"I had a fabulous time today. I have downloaded the photos. They all look great. Thanks for your time and patience."
- Deepika Chander, 15/12/2016

"Hi Titus. Thank you so much for the photo shoot .. the photos look amazing! .. Marcus said it was the best birthday present ever! .. so thank you also for putting Marcus at ease .. you really captured some natural beauty's there!"
- Cheryl Whiteside, 10/12/2016

"Dear Titus, It was a pleasure to meet you and we are very grateful for your effort to make us feel comfortable and relaxed. Your approach and personality made this great experience even more enjoying!"
- Olga Kuzmina, 06/12/2016

"Hi Titus, Thank you for your great job! I like the photos very much. My secretary appreciated it as so photogenic!! In the future, if I need to have another opportunity to show up in media, I will call you. Looking forward to seeing you again."
- Tokiko Shimizu, 02/12/2016

"Hey Titus, Thanks for such a great day, one of the most unique I've had in years, the shoot was fun and you made the whole thing very comfortable for a first timer."
- Brogan Griffiths, 29/11/2016

"Hiya Titus, Thank you so much for sending over the pics, once again I am in love with all of them!"
- Emily Evans (Miss Essex 2016), 27/11/2016

"Hi Titus, thank you so much, the pictures look great, you did an amazing job."
- Jade Nash, 26/11/2016

"Thank you so much, it was great!"
- Lucas Hernandez, 22/11/2016

"Thanks for the photos, love them and was a pleasure meeting you."
- David Wing, 21/11/2016

"Hi Titus, It was lovely working with you! Pictures all downloaded now. Thank you, I love them!"
- Alice Bennett, 11/11/2016

"Hi Titus, Thank you so much for the amazing photo shoot yesterday! It was a pleasure and great fun."
- Anita Jounija, 11/11/2016

"Hi Titus, I've only seen half of the pictures and I'm amazed how beautiful they look, thank you so much for these professional photos. It truly made my day!"
- Andor Horvath, 07/11/2016

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you. We are really pleased with the photos."
- Ben Telling, 07/11/2016

"It was such fun, thank you for making it so easy! Pics look super. I will certainly be booking you again."
- Karen Vinter, 31/10/2016

"Hi Titus. The pictures are great, thank you very much."
- Nicky Knox, 25/10/2016

"Hi Titus, they are amazing, great job."
- Luca Valentini, 23/10/2016

"The shoot today went great and the pictures came out wonderful! Many thanks :)"
- Sagal Ali, 17/10/2016

"Lovely pics... It has been a pleasure to meet and see you and Branka at work with Jynnie."
- Vincenzo Pacella, 16/10/2016

"It was so lovely working with you! I absolutely love all the pictures! Thank you so much! :D "
- Sarah Ibrahim, 14/10/2016

"Hi Titus, Thank you so much! The photos are incredible. We are absolutely delighted with them. Both of us had a brilliant day yesterday. It was so much fun and yet you still managed to get fantastic professional shots! Also a huge shout out for the hair and make up. Please pass on my thanks, she did an incredible job. Thank you so much again. "
- Julia Foster, 08/10/2016

"Hi Titus, Thank you so much for the photos- you did very well! I really enjoyed my time with you and Min, and we seemed to share a lot!! Such a fun day! Thank you."
- Jane Cursiter, 07/10/2016

"Dear Titus, Thank you so much for the beautiful work you did with Julio, we love it, really!! You are very talented indeed! ( I was quite worried about Julio behaving too shy in front of the camera, however, you managed to make him look so natural... ) I can't praise you enough for all that!"
- Alexs Zilli, /10/2016

"Hi Titus, I have downloaded all the files and they look great! Thanks so much"
- Shahzan Shah, 02/10/2016

"Thank you, you were fantastic, made me feel very comfortable"
- Becka Broadley, 30/09/2016

"Hi Titus, Those are perfect. Thanks so much. I did enjoy the shoot - was very comfortable and it was very fun too! "
- Habiba Khanom, /09/2016

"Hi Titus, Thank you so much. Your work is absolutely incredible. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable and for a great morning/afternoon."
- Maria Deliyiannis, 23/09/2016

"Thanks Titus, they look stunning."
- Deji Sanusi, 18/09/2016

"Hi Titus, Very good shots. I compared them with previous photos and I have to say they are way better. It's been a great day working with you."
- Fabrizio Fusco, 15/09/2016

"Hi Titus, Thank you for the pictures and the session yesterday. I really enjoyed it. It was surprisingly comfortable and stress-free. I quickly checked some of the pictures and I like them very much. You do know how to capture natural relaxed expression (that I rarely saw in my photos before)."
- Eugene Buyakin, 13/09/2016

"Thank you so much for today, I really thought I would feel uncomfortable and nervous doing the shoot but you made me feel so welcome and relaxed... The pics look great."
- Becky Steen, 08/09/2016

"Looking at them this morning and couldn't believe it's me :) so well done... Thank you again for making me believe that I can look good in pictures :)"
- Bernadeta Zukauskaite, 05/09/2016

"I love them! Thank you so much Titus!"
- Chava Goldberg, 03/09/2016

"Titus, I just want to say that I really enjoyed today and I am very happy that I decided to follow through with the photoshoot with you. I felt totally at ease, and confident to speak with you and the setting was exactly what I could have wished for. I hope you enjoyed our company as much as Chava and I enjoyed yours too! Thanks again."
- Eva Bracha, 02/09/2016

"Thank you so much for the other day, the photos are awesome and I am very happy with them! I've gone through them many times... they all look great!!"
- Aimee Reynolds, 23/08/2016

"Hi Titus, Thank you for a great time. We both really enjoyed ourselves. The photos are great. Would definitely recommend your services."
- Arati Das, 22/08/2016

"Thanks so much. They're fab! Will definitely be coming back to you when either of us want more photos done. You were great and lovely. Thanks."
- Juliette Pilbeam, 18/08/2016

"Hi Titus. Wow the pictures are amazing. You've done an wonderful job and thank you very much for that."
- Maria Strat, 17/08/2016

"Hi Titus, what a fab day and brilliant photos. We were both very tired afterwards but enjoyed the experience tremendously!"
- Jeannette de Vries-Wobbes, 16/08/2016

"It was a pleasure working with you yesterday and the photos all look great and wonderful. Both Ibs and Sophie also had a great time and love the photos."
- Lilian Keene, 14/08/2016

"Firstly can I personally say a big Thank you for yesterday. Aimee had the best day. She thought both you and Branka were amazing. The photos are absolutely fantastic."
- Natalie Hancock, 13/08/2016

"Many thanks - absolutely fantastic job."
- Julia Craven, 06/08/2016

"Hi Titus, Thank you sooooooo much. Fantastic. Lovely. Great. You are a star, such a nice and very helpful person. I will definitely come again very soon."
- Oomila Paulicka, 21/07/2016

"The photos are fantastic. Thank you so much. Everyone thinks they are fabulous."
- Harriet Wilson, 18/07/2016

"Hi Titus, Tsian loved the shoot as did the rest of us. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you."
- Sylvina Beckford, 09/07/2016

"Thank you very much for the great pics Titus. It was a pleasure working with you."
- Pinar Dinc, 08/07/2016

"Hey! I got the pics! I absolutely love love them!!"
- Louisa Gill, 08/07/2016

"Hey Titus, Many thanks for the shoot yesterday I had a great time and there's loads of great photos you took!"
- Alex Georganas, 06/07/2016

"Had a look at the photos and I love them! Thank you so so much! I'm quite self critical but you've managed to make me feel more confident, honestly I'm so grateful."
- Beth Macfarlane, 03/07/2016

"You were very encouraging and funny! Thank you so much... Some of the pictures are really flattering and I'm very proud of them."
- Melissa Haggist, 21/06/2016

"Hi Titus, she absolutely loved it. Thank you so much for making it all so relaxed and some great shots."
- Ronni McKay, 23/05/2016

"Hi Titus. Firstly, thank you so much for the photo shoot on Thursday. Having reviewed the photos, I am totally blown away by how great many of them have come out, against great light, background and my expressions captured too, which is testament to your experience and professionalism of your trade! Many of the images are certainly worthy of being in a magazine and it's going to be really hard choosing what photos to use on my upcoming website."
- Shaun Dee, 21/05/2016

"Just wanted to let you know that your photos have helped me land my first dancing contract abroad! Thanks again."
- Annelise Day, 10/05/2016

"Thank you so much for a wonderful experience Titus! Shloka had such a good time!"
- Nandini Mehra, 09/05/2016

"Amazing!!! I'm speachless! I really really love all pictures! Thank you very much! If I would like to have more pictures, I will definitely contact you again! And I would definitely recommend you! Thank you again, you did an amazing job!!"
- Henrietta Harnos, 29/04/2016

"Hi Titus, Just to let you know that I received the photos. They are awesome, especially the beauty shots.
- Ayana Gibbs, 29/04/2016

"Hi Titus, Thanks for the retouched photos, they are great, even better than I was expecting!!"
- Adam Maybury, 24/04/2016

"Thanks ever so much for this Titus - I have to say, it was the first photo shoot I've ever done but I felt so much more comfortable than I thought I would be! I'd definitely like to do some more in future."
- Nisha Julka, 21/04/2016

"Thank you so much for the great day and the gorgeous photos!! I love them all! The black and white photos are also awesome!"
- Sophie Herda, 11/04/2016

"Wow, they look really amazing Titus! You're so talented. I'm so happy, thank you so very much! It's unbelievable! :-) I did enjoy it a lot. I think one of the greatest experience in life :-) I don't know what else to say, can't express my gratitude:-)"
- Nelli Kask, 10/04/2016

"It was a really great shoot, got some fantastic photos too! Thank you :)"
- Chantelle Rance, 06/04/2016

"It was great working with you! I love the photos!"
- Raphael Shonibare, 30/03/2016

"OMG. They are so amazing. I can't get over you talented you are at capturing the photos perfectly. I can't believe they're me!"
- Laura Kershaw, 27/03/2016

"Thank you so much, love the pictures!"
- Amie Goldman, 15/03/2016

"There are some amazing photos in the batch, thank you so much Titus"
- Margarita Polishchuk, 09/03/2016

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you, I received the memory stick in the post and am so pleased with the pictures!!"
- Emily Evans, 07/03/2016

"Hi Titus, I just went through the photos from yesterday and it's INSANE how many good ones I have to choose from. Thank you soooooooo much, I'm so so pleased and spoilt for choice :) :)"
- Victoria Ufondu, 01/03/2016

"The photos have arrived and I love them totally. Thanks!"
- Maria Davidson, 22/02/2016

"Hi Titus, Thank you for all the advice and the actual photoshoot! I had a really great experience. The cd with the photos on just arrived in the post and me and my mum think they're fantastic."
- Kirstie Tucker, 19/02/2016

"Love the pictures, they're fab! Elisha loved the experience."
- Tracey Bratley, 18/02/2016

"I had a great day... Thank you for making it a very relaxed and fun environment whilst getting exactly what I wanted!"
- Remi Butler, 09/02/2016

"I’m really, really pleased with my photos! I’ve got loads to choose from and many of them are excellent! Thank you so much again for all your hard work on the day of the photo shoot."
- Janice Kaye, 03/02/2016

"I had a great experience, seeing the pictures now, all i can say is Wow wow wow, the pictures are AMAZING... For my first time doing a shoot, it was a great experience thanks to you. you did an amazing job... I'll definitely recommend you to everyone."
- Yara Fernandes, 30/01/2016

"Pictures arrived this morning, they all look amazing! Thank you."
- Emma Butcher, 30/01/2016

"Hi Titus, Received the USB - the photos look amazing - thank you so much!!"
- Majeed Nikpour, 24/01/2016

"I had a great day. I really enjoyed today. Thank you very much!"
- Bella Mamedova, 10/01/2016

"Everyone has been amazed by the photos you did of me. They are really beautiful"
- Caroline Harbord, 28/12/2015

"I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for yesterday. I am in love with the photos you did for us! They are amazing! You are an INCREDIBLE photographer and we can not thank you enough!!!"
- Olga Paraschych, 23/12/2015

"Dear Titus, Thank you for the pictures, we have received them today and they are wonderful."
- Claudia Bata, 16/12/2015

"Hi Titus. I got the CDs... Great stuff, I'm very happy! Thanks very much!"
- Jason McMellin, 11/12/2015

"Hi Titus. My CDs arrived today!!! Thank you so so much for the photos they look amazing. I'm so pleased with them!! I had such a wonderful day, thank you so much for making me feel so welcome and relaxed. I loved every minute!!"
- Kim Colella, 05/12/2015

"Great job Titus, as always! Love them!"
- Davide Riva, 16/11/2015

"Hi Titus. I had such an amazing time. Thank you so much for making me feel so comfortable. I have received my photos and I absolutely love them. Thank you so much! I was going through them now laughing just thinking back to how much fun I had. It was an unforgettable experience."
- Maria Deliyiannis, 02/11/2015

"Hi Titus, it was lovely working with you, you made the experience so nice."
- Mihaela Knudsen, 31/10/2015

"Hi Titus. Received the photos today. I am really happy with them and totally enjoyed the whole experience."
- Jacqui Ireland, 29/10/2015

"Hi Titus. CD arrived. Thanks so much. I am thrilled! You did such a great job."
- Caroline Harbord, 24/10/2015

"Titus, just to confirm that the photos arrived today and they are fantastic! Thank you ever so much!"
- Joe Luxton, 24/10/2015

"I saw the pictures last night in the laptop and I love them!! So beautiful and natural, just what I wanted! Thank you so much!!"
- Irene Farino, 16/10/2015

"Hi Titus - What can I say. I'm so pleased with the photos. They are amazing, you did a fantastic job. Elly is blown away with them as am I. Thank you for all your hard work."
- Tracey Mackenzie, 13/10/2015

"Hi Titus! Got the pics, really love so many of them, esp with the rose! So happy I did the shoot!"
- Georgia Watson, 12/10/2015

"Thanks for doing such a great job, there are some really lovely shots."
- Fiona Howe, 07/10/2015

"We are all very much impressed by the professional but friendly and warm welcome. You really made Bhavna very comfortable and she really felt like a celebrity. I can't thank you enough Titus."
- Alok Kalawat, 28/09/2015

"Many thanks for the pictures Titus. I really like them!"
- Maxi LaRoche, 26/09/2015

"Hi Titus, the CD's came yesterday and am so pleased! You made the shoot a joy and I'd 100% recommend you to anyone looking for a photographer in the future!"
- Garth Jones, 21/09/2015

"Just seen them now. Thank you, they look amazing!"
- Simon Osmond, 21/09/2015

"Thanks, they are absolutely brilliant. Thanks for everything. It was great to work with you and hopefully will once again."
- Ian Mason, 18/09/2015

"Hi Titus, they are fabulous. Thank you so much, I adore them. I put a few up on my account and it's front page starred again."
- Carrie Courtney, 16/09/2015

"I'm so happy with them!! Thank you so much, you're amazing."
- Maisy Taylor, 09/09/2015

"Titus I'm shocked, like you're actually amazing! I knew you was good but the more I work with you the more I see your talent! I'm so happy, thank you!"
- Rachel Laming, 06/09/2015

"I received the pictures! I absolutely love them!! Stunning black and white versions too! Thank you for making me look so hot in an extremely professional way! It's been better than expected. Amazing experience, stunning pictures! I really love them all! Thank you!"
- Irene Farino, 25/08/2015

"Hi Titus, the disc arrived today I am soo delighted thank you so very very much... they are all wonderful... I am definitely interested in doing another shoot soon... thank you again, I had a wonderful day yesterday, I really enjoyed it."
- Carrie Courtney, 12/08/2015

"Hi Titus - thanks again. The photos are really good and you've done a fantastic job of turning a sows ear into a silk purse! Thanks - will send people in your direction in the future!"
- Chris Bennett, 12/08/2015

"Hi Titus, thank you for a wonderful day. I really enjoyed myself, it was so much fun, have a wonderful evening and thank you for making me feel so comfortable and relaxed."
- Carrie Courtney, 11/08/2015

"Evie loves the photos, thanks so much."
- Perry Ravenscroft, 07/08/2015

"Hi Titus, You are the wonderful talented person for this job and you know how to create a good atmosphere for photo shoot. Your hospitality and approach gave us more than a home feeling. The way you interact with us was excellent and never put us in stress or hasty. You are such a wonderful guy and we were so lucky to meet you to take our memorable family photos. YOUR PHOTOS ARE EXCELLENT AND OUTSTANDING - YOU GAVE US A LIFE LONG SOUVENIR - YOU ARE SUCH A GREAT PERSON AND WISH YOU ALL THE BEST. A BIG THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!"
- Thayalini Ponnampalam, 28/07/2015

"Morning Titus, just to say a big thank you for the wonderful photos!! I'm so pleased with them, it's lovely to finally have some photos I'm proud of!"
- Sophie Smith, 28/07/2015

"Hi Titus, I've just seen the photos and they look amazing! Thank you so much for the shoot. You really made me feel so comfortable and I enjoyed every minute of it! And the make up was amaaaazing too!"
- Preeti Tak, 25/07/2015

"The shoot turned out really well! May well book another session in 6 or so months time. Really happy with how they turned out."
- Kristian Carter, 25/07/2015

"Hi Titus, Just had a look at the photos on the memory stick. I'm rapt, thank you so much. I'd highly recommend you to anyone."
- Benjamin Murray, 23/07/2015

"Pics are fantastic. Couldn't be more pleased. Many thanks."
- Robert Varley, 16/07/2015

"Every time I look at the pictures you took for me and I just love them!!!"
- Eleonora Piraino, 10/07/2015

"Got the pics through on Tuesday and they're real good!"
- Harry Hunt, 10/07/2015

"Got the pictures, wanted to say a big thank you. They look great!"
- Nicky Jackson, 09/07/2015

"Thanks a lot!! Loveeeee the pics! Another great job!"
- Stephanie Moute, 21/06/2015

"Thank you Titus for all that you did today! You and Lauren are just the best! Thank you from my heart for making it just so much fun for the ladies! Milena and Suzy loved it so much."
- Peter May, 15/06/2015

"Thanks for the CD. The photos look great. Excellent work."
- Brian Roy, 10/06/2015

"Morning Titus! I got the CD yesterday and I've had a look. Gosh, they're all so lovely I'm having a hard time choosing my favourite 5! So have a nice and and thanks again for a wonderful job. :)"
- Tosin Oyelakin, 10/06/2015

"The photos are really great. Thanks again!"
- Linda Moore, 08/06/2015

"I enjoyed working with you, Titus. I felt really welcome and I was able to express myself in those photos. I like them a lot!"
- Anna Frej, 03/06/2015

"Mel and I are just going through the pictures. They are all amazing. You've done some great work!! Thanks so much. Will plan another shoot as well when I get back next week."
- Sid Chaugule, 02/06/2015

"Hi Titus,I have received the photos, they are amazing thank you so much. Was an absolute pleasure working with you and I hope to work with you again in the future."
- Alicia Davison, 30/05/2015

"Thank you so much Titus. I really enjoyed the shoot. I received the photos, they are amazing. Thank you so much again. :)"
- Jeff Masri, 26/05/2015

"Hi Titus, I want to thank you immensely for your help and assistance in making my photo shoot such an enjoyable experience and making some great photos! They are exactly what I was looking for. Will definitely recommend you to my friends who also look for corporate photos."
- Aziz Imlahi, 26/05/2015

"Thank you so much! Loved the shoot, lots of fun and very impressed. Would definitely like another shoot very very soon."
- Cassandra Harris, 15/05/2015

"Hi Titus, I have had a look at the retouched pictures and they are superb!! Subtle yet important improvements! Very pleased with everything. I will definitely be recommending you."
- Nick Reader, 15/05/2015

"The pix are fab!!bu-lous. Thanks a lot, I couldn't have imagined better."
- Adora Egenti, 04/05/2015

"Titus, Thank you for the pictures, they are lovely. The hair flicking ones are the favourites – fantastic. Again a big thank you, if in 15 years time she becomes an international superstar we will credit it to you."
- Szilvia Nascimento, 29/04/2015

"I'm so happy with the outcome! You're a very talented photographer."
- Rachel Laming, 27/04/2015

"They are amazing! I love them thank you. It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you!"
- Cerissa Frostick, 12/04/2015

"Hi Titus, I received the CD in the post. Absolutely delighted with the pics! Thanks again for all your help."
- Mike Richards, 27/03/2015

"Hi Titus. I got the CD in the post today. There's some wicked shots in there. Thank you, was really good working with you. Defo arrange another one soon!"
- Alex Georgiou, 24/03/2015

"Dear Titus, Thanks for the shoot and a million thanks for making me comfortable. The pics are very cool, super cool. My Facebook never had so many likes and nice words. You are an amazing photographer."
- Ritchie Da Silva, 23/03/2015

"Just finally printed off pics and loaded some on my Facebook and what a huge response I got. Just to say thank you so much for your amazing talented work and I would definitely be back again this year!"
- Foulah Barrett, 14/02/2015

"BEAUTIFUL pics that capture the spirit of the day! They're absolutely perfect for what I need them for..! You are amazing and hugely talented and so much fun to work with..!"
- Heather Geluk, 03/02/2015

"Hi Titus, Just a quick note to say a HUGE THANK YOU for today! I had such a fun morning and came back absolutely buzzing..! I love working with you and hope we can do heaps more in the future..!"
- Heather Geluk, 01/02/2015

"Thank you so much!!! You did such an amazing job!!! We appreciate you."
- Margaret Mithiri, 23/01/2015

"Thanks again... We are so very happy with the shots. The photos are FANTASTIC!"
- Gail Rock, 21/01/2015

"I’ve just started my own business and needed some nice professional shots for my website and press releases. As someone who has had little experience being photographed, I was going into my session with Titus a little nervous. However that didn’t last too long – Titus’ studio is very welcoming and comfortable and he did a great job at creating a relaxed environment. Throughout the 1 hour shoot we managed to get a range of good shots and Titus gave them to me on a disc an hour after the shoot. I really appreciated getting all of the shots Titus took, where as a lot of other photography studios only offer the best few. The end result was fantastic and I would certainly recommend to anyone looking to get photos taken. Thanks again Titus – I’m so happy with the result!"
- David Born, 07/01/2015

"Thank you ever so much, I really enjoyed it! It was amazing and got me eager to do more. It really felt natural and as my first proper shoot, I'm glad it was with you. You have this aspect of you which makes people feel comfortable and so with my first experience I'm more than pleased with. Thank you for believing in me, boosting my confidence and overall, making it a exciting and fun experience!"
- Rachel Laming, 06/01/2015

"Got the pictures and they are incredible, thanks a lot."
- Matt Goodfield, 05/01/2015

"I had a great experience and enjoyed the shoot. You were fantastic!!! Thank you again."
- Norah van der Velde, 03/01/2015

"Hiya, The photos came, just looking through them now! They are great. Thanks so much for making it so easy and being a great director too!"
- Emily O'Hare, 17/12/2014

"I don't have the words to describe how much I love my photos! Thank you again so much!"
- Robert Borowski, 06/12/2014

"They're amazing, thank you so so much!"
- Annabel O'Rourke, 03/12/2014

"Dear Titus, A short note to say the most amazingly huge THANK YOU for Friday... OMG the photos are AMAZING! Is that really me?! I adore them and I've never seen my personality captured so perfectly! A million thank you's..!! I love them all..!! It's just so refreshing to see myself in this way when about 99.9% of my pictures are of me in bulky climbing gear! Genuinely, hugest thank yous for sharing your tremendous talents with me! I had so much fun."
- Heather Geluk, 01/12/2014

"Dear Titus, Just to confirm that the CDs arrived safely earlier in the week - thank you very much. I am really pleased with how it worked out. I loved the bodypainting. Both of you interpreted what I was thinking of amazingly well. Many thanks."
- Diana Robertshaw, 27/11/2014

"Hi Titus! Thank you very much for everything. This day was amazing for me!"
- Milan Krizbai, 25/11/2014

"Had a absolutely wonderful time yesterday! You're a joy to work with."
- Rachel Mawditt, 24/11/2014

"Hi Titus, just to say thank you for today which was an amazing experience."
- Diana Robertshaw, 22/11/2014

"Hi Titus, got the disc this morning. Love they pictures, they're really great. Thank you so much."
- Cecile D'ambroise, 21/11/2014

"Hi, I got the CD today. So many good photos. Good job. Thanks."
- Svajunas Malinauskas, 15/11/2014

"They're brilliant! Thanks again, I had an amazing experience! Really helped my self confidence, had a great day working with you. Will definitely be coming back in the near future."
- Carl Fairchild, 16/10/2014

"Hi Titus. It was a real pleasure to meet you and Lauren today. Thank you for making the shoot enjoyable and for the fantastic photos."
- Carolyn Cass, 08/10/2014

"It was a great day, and you were both lovely to work with. I'll be recommending you highly to friends and clients alike!"
- Alexis Humphrey, 08/10/2014

"Hi Titus, Fantastic photos!! What I really like is that they represent me as I truly am."
- Kosar Parveen, 03/10/2014

"Good news Titus, As expected, all the photos that I submitted to Universal Extras were accepted so well done. Many thanks and see you around the same time next year."
- Michael Hrywniak, 12/09/2014

"I fully enjoyed myself! Thank you for a great day, I am truly grateful for all your time and effort and patience to create these photos with me. And as I said - I love them!! I really cannot thank you enough."
- Sophie Stokes, 08/09/2014

"Thank you so very much! I thoroughly enjoyed myself."
- Jodianne Griffiths, 07/09/2014

"Thank you very very much again for so many fantastic pictures. I am really happy!"
- Manuel Klohe, 19/08/2014

"The pics are lovely. Again thanks so much, Chloe had a great time."
- Kelly Wheeler, 06/08/2014

"Hello Titus. Just wanted to thank you for working with me and the photos are amazing, thank you. Hopefully I'll be working with you again :) and say a big thank you to Lauren for me as it was amazing work."
- Jenna Dickinson, 04/08/2014

"Just wanted to let you know that the photo CD came today and they look great. Really happy with how they turned out. Great working with you and I'll be recommending you in future."
- Sam Stoffel, 02/08/2014

"Hi Titus. I've seen the pictures and let me say that of all the photographers I have experienced you are the best... I hate when people take pictures of me but you have taken the best of me. Gorgeous pictures, You did a great job. I'm sharing them with my mum online and she's crying! Thank you!"
- Annateresa Liparoti, 25/07/2014

"It was a pleasure working with you, and the shoot couldn't have been any better. Thanks!"
- Benedict Jnr, 21/07/2014

"Thank you Titus for my lovely pictures! I love them. It was a fantastic day."
- Kayleigh Osborn, 05/07/2014

"Hi Titus. The CD arrived, I LOVE the photos. Many thanks."
- Lesley Mackinnon, 11/06/2014

"Hi Titus. Wow, I had the most amazing birthday on Saturday. You both made me feel so relaxed, I enjoyed every minute, what am amazing experience. The photos are fantastic, I can't thank you enough, you are an amazing photographer."
- Deb Breward, 09/06/2014

"Hi Titus, I got my CD today and I love the photos! They look amazing, thank you!"
- Victoria Cranwell, 04/06/2014

"Hi Titus, Got the CD today, absolutely love the photos! They look amazing! Really pleased as normally only like a handful but there are quite a few really good ones to choose from. It was really nice to meet you and thank you for making me feel so at ease. I will definitely recommend you to my dancer friends for future work."
- Gemma Cottey, 03/06/2014

"Hi Titus, Katie really enjoyed herself and boosted her confidence after a difficult start to the year. Many thanks, you have done wonders."
- Helen McGregor, 30/05/2014

"Wow Titus, you are SO talented. You've photographed both my girls now and they look fabulous."
- Amanda Watson, 26/05/2014

"I enjoyed every moment. You and Branka were such good company and amazing at what you do. Look forward to doing more projects with you."
- Adora Egenti, 26/05/2014

"Hi, I received the CDs. The photos are really beautiful!! Thank you so much."
- Yushi Li, 16/05/2014

"Hi Titus. Just to confirm that I've got my photos. Just uploaded them and they are absolutely astonishing! Thank you so, so much for the fabulous photos, and I look forward to doing another shoot with you very soon!"
- Christopher Tokota, 08/05/2014

"Got the photos. They look great! I'm so happy with them."
- Ryan Watkinson, 07/05/2014

"Hey, I love the pictures, have had tonnes of comments on them. Has boosted my confidence in starting my career. Thank you so much."
- Jess Chesney, 06/05/2014

"Hi Titus, the CD has arrived! We started browsing the photos and they look amazing!"
- Dr Tünde Vanko, 25/04/2014

"Hi Titus, Just to let you know I've got the photos- really really pleased with them! It was great to work with you and thank you for everything."
- Sophie Todd, 25/04/2014

"Received photos. Lovely - thank you sooo much."
- Lizette Marais, 16/04/2014

"I have received your CD, thank you very much, I'm very happy with it!"
- Kerry McMenamin, 15/04/2014

"Looks amazing! Thank you so much for yesterday, had a great time."
- Valentina Delille, 14/04/2014

"Hey Titus. Just thought I'd let you know that I received the CD. Really happy with the shots. Thanks a lot."
- Ash Munas, 10/04/2014

"Hi Titus. Absolutley love my headshots, can't even thank you enough!!! Brilliant job. Mum and agent over the moon with them too!"
- Annabel O'Rourke, 27/03/2014

"Thank you Titus. I received the CD this afternoon. The photos are great and they remind me of a lovely time."
- Victoria Cullen, 25/03/2014

"Thank you for a great day yesterday. Will definitely do something again in the future, I like the way you work and the attention to detail you have without holding things up! Super!"
- Louise Sandberg, 25/03/2014

"Was great working with you, thanks for making the experience such an enjoyable one, will definitely pass on recommendation."
- Hugo Lyons, 14/02/2014

"The photos are great, thank you. We've just been through them the 3rd time and some have already found their way to Facebook. Thank you so much."
- Teresa Ashby, 11/02/2014

"Hey Titus! Received the photos... Just having a look through. Love them!!!"
- Lauren Logue, 30/01/2014

"I got the CD... Thanks so much... Photos are fab!"
- Momtaj Choudhury, 29/01/2014

"Your photos are hung proudly on our wall and complemented on frequently :)"
- Frances Preston, 17/01/2014

"Hi Titus. I got the photos today. They are really good. I will definitely be telling people about your good work :)"
- Alan Dillane, 10/01/2014

"Thank you so much Titus! Yesterday was truly amazing. I've received the CD - Thanks a million, they were everything I expected and more."
- Hannah Neblett, 09/01/2014

"Hey Titus, thanks for the pics. They all look great. Really happy and satisfied. It was a good experience - will definitely repeat in future."
- Simran Khan, 07/01/2014

"Hi Titus. I received my pictures and I love them, thank you so much!"
- Lauren Dion Millard, 01/01/2014

"Thank you for today. I really appreciate how comfortable you made me feel."
- Sarah Shehu, 01/01/2014

"Thank you for the photo shoot. I loved it!!! Thanks for making us all feel so welcome."
- Lauren Dion Millard, 30/12/2013

"Thank you so much, love the pictures, far better then I could imagine. Will definitely bring a tear to dad's eye!"
- Charlotte Alexander, 22/12/2013

"Hey Titus, Thank you so much for the pictures, they're more than I could have hoped for and it's so lovely to have a choice for once :)"
- Victoria Ufondu, 11/12/2013

"Titus, Thank you for the photos. I really like them, and we both had a great time last Friday at the shoot. The shots all look fantastic."
- Charlotte Whitbread, 11/12/2013

"Hi, just wanted to thank you for the pictures. It was totally worth it. Thank you for your patience and professionalism :)"
- Sophia Khan, 10/12/2013

"Hi Titus, Just received pics in the post. There are many I really love and they wouldn't have happened without your guidance, how to pose and your skills. See you next year!"
- Georgia Watson, 10/12/2013

"Hi Titus. It was great working with you & the photos look brill! I love them!! Thanks!"
- Chantelle Rance, 04/12/2013

"Hi Titus, Just to let you know we have got the photos and they look fab. Thank you so much."
- Maira Sharifi, 13/11/2013

"Hey Titus, Photos look great... Many thanks again for all your help and for your wonderful images."
- Myriam Ojeda, 08/11/2013

"I was given a wonderful gift for my 30th birthday, by my amazing family, to have a Professional photo shoot with you and the very talented make-up artist, Lauren. I had a really lovely time from the moment I was welcomed in. The whole experience felt relaxed and safe throughout and enabled me to feel confident with how the photos were going to look. Titus, you were so lovely with, not only me but my observing family, which made a huge difference to my experience. It was so much fun and we had so many laughs - which you can see from the photos and I would, and in fact am, going to have another session with you soon. I think my photos are amazing and have really captured me in a beautiful way. I already recommended a session with you to anyone who will listen, even if they think the camera does not like them as I said 'Titus will capture you at your most beautiful'."
- Sarah Herring, 30/10/2013

"Just saw the pics, very happy with them. You are a real artist."
- Erica Muskiet, 20/10/2013

"Hi Titus, Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures !! My family just loved them and my mom keep looking at them all the time! I really like them. Very good job."
- Monika Nicolle, 20/10/2013

"Titus, I got the pics. Amazing professional job!! Thank you very much :)"
- Claudio Vieira, 17/10/2013

"I've just been through the CDs, they're amazing, thank you so much! The girls will love them :)"
- Danielle Little, 15/10/2013

"Hi Titus, Thanks for the beautiful pictures, already get lots of compliment about them. They are so perfect that it was difficult to find a few for retouching. Also enjoyed my day with you, I felt so at ease with you both."
- Erica Muskiet, 14/10/2013

"Got the photos! They are fabulous! Thanks again. We will definitely be seeing you again soon!"
- Stefania Rossetti, 26/09/2013

"We received the pics, thanks. Dana absolutely loves them! I would like to thank you once again. I thought your pics were really good and would definitely recommend you."
- Lee Heffernan, 14/09/2013

"Hey Titus, just wanted to say thank you for producing such amazing photos as I finally got signed by an agency. So thank you SOOOO much :)"
- Katherine Bray, 10/09/2013

"Just a note to thank you for the pics. Alice is delighted with them. I'm also pleased with mine... They're real confidence boosters. Thanks so much again!"
- Lynne O'Sullivan, 07/09/2013

"I just got the photos! Thank you so much, they are awesome!"
- Natalia Skarpeta, 05/09/2013

"Hi Titus, we received the amazing package this morning. THANK YOU SO MUCH."
- Umesh Raichada, 30/08/2013

"I received the CD of the retouched photos. They're brilliant. Thank you very much!!"
- Holly Thumwood-Browning, 18/08/2013

"Hey Titus. Once again, and although its your job and all lol, just want to say thank you for the amazing photographs and for making the experience a memorable one."
- Kacey Onyiute, 14/08/2013

"Hi Titus, Just to let you know, Nicola is thrilled with her photos. Many thanks."
- Julie Birkett, 14/08/2013

"Thank you so much again for the opportunity of working with you and thank you for the photos...they look great!"
- Holly Lish, 13/08/2013

"Thank you very much Titus. We both enjoyed it a lot - you made us feel very comfortable - if any of our friends would like professional photos done we would definitely recommend you."
- Anna Adamiak, 12/08/2013

"Hi Titus. Casey loves her pictures. I'm sure she will cherish them for years to come!"
- Samantha Harman, 09/08/2013

"Hi Titus. Photos received. They are great. Thanks!"
- Sandra Urnieziute, 07/08/2013

"Hey Titus! It was wicked working with you. Felt super comfortable and am well pleased with the shots we got."
- Kacey Onyiuke, 31/07/2013

"Thank you Titus, Today was brilliant. I felt completely at ease, really good experience."
- Sophi Duffell, 25/07/2013

"Received the photos today. Thank you so much! They are great."
- Annabelle Jones, 24/07/2013

"Thanks for the photos.... They look great! Can't wait to add them to my website!!!"
- Maya Nassar, 21/07/2013

"Awesome. I'm really pleased with them. They look great."
- Louise Whiles, 19/07/2013

"Received the CD! Thank you soooo much! It's lovely!"
- Joanna Turner, 16/07/2013

"Hi Titus, got the CD through today. I love them, thank you sooo much! They're amazing."
- Danielle Little, 13/07/2013

"Hi Titus, I got the pictures this morning, had a quick look before work, they're awesome! Thank you."
- Zivile Jakstaitiene, 05/07/2013

"Hi Titus. The photos look great, very pleased with them. :)"
- Christy Watson, 26/06/2013

"Thanks a lot Titus. We both had a lot of fun and you really made us comfortable."
- Raj Kambo, 18/06/2013

"Hi Titus, Priya and I have seen all the photos, we are very pleased with the shoot. She felt very comfortable and enjoyed her shoot, thank you for creating that environment. It has been great working with you and hope to work with you again."
- Rahul Krishnan, 10/06/2013

"Thank you, they're stunning."
- Becki Waters, 08/06/2013

"Hi Titus! Thank you for the great work and the beautiful pictures!"
- Sarah Victoria, 03/06/2013

"Hi Titus, I've received the photos and I'm really pleased with how they've come out, thanks again!"
- Tom Herzberg, 03/06/2013

"Hi Titus. I just got the CD. Wow, you did such an amazing job with colours and background. Some pics look so theatre like! Thank you!"
- Georgia Watson, 01/06/2013

"Hi Titus, Just wanted to say a big thank you for the photos, they are great!"
- Assiah Mahmood, 14/05/2013

"Hey Titus! Just so you know I got the pics today! So pleased with them. Thank you for all your help! :)"
- Shermela Sahota, 14/05/2013

"Hi Titus, thank you so much for yesterday, I had such a fun afternoon. Was so pleased with how much we got done! Thanks for sending it so quickly as well. Was really good working with you :)"
- Hollie Stewart, 19/04/2013

"The pictures are absolutely awesome. I love them! Thank you so much for everything. You are amazing!"
- Ingrid Funie, 19/04/2013

"Thanks for the photos. Really pleased with them, they are fantastic."
- Neville Kent, 18/04/2013

"Hi Titus, I received the CDs and they are awesome!!! Thank you!!! I'm definitely going to use them for my CV and anything else that I need to send photos. Thanks again :)"
- Naoko Yamakawa, 02/04/2013

"I got with an agency in Paris and did two shoots over Christmas, thanks to you! :)"
- Marc Emmanuelli, 13/03/2013

"Hello Titus, I would like to say a massive thank you for my photos. I love them!"
- Rio Stynes, 05/03/2013

"Thank you so much Titus, was really nice working with you. Thank you for the wonderful pictures."
- Victoria Stevens, 04/03/2013

"Got the photos! Love them!"
- Eilish Latimer, 22/02/2013

"Always meant to thank you for the brilliant pics!!!"
- Candice Shroeder, 19/02/2013

"Hi Titus, got the photos through and they're awesome! Thanks!"
- Jo Smyth, 15/02/2013

"Hello Titus, I received the photos today. I am very happy with them, thank you!"
- Georgia Watson, 14/02/2013

"I received the CD yesterday. I really liked the photos. Thank you!"
- Anna Sembos, 31/01/2013

"The pictures are fantastic, all of my friends said they are very beautiful, I love them so much. Fantastic job!"
- SB Saimon, 30/01/2013

"Pictures received, we both love them."
- Howard Houghton, 28/01/2013

"Fantastic photos!! Thank you for a great shoot."
- Muibat Ijaiya, 22/01/2013

"Hi Titus. The CD arrived and everyone is impressed with the work. Katherine really enjoyed herself. Many thanks for all your hard work."
- Vanessa Bray, 14/01/2013

"Thanks a lot for my lovely photos. You made my day."
- Celia Bardu, 08/01/2013

"We received the CD. Very happy! Just wanted to say thanks again... You are excellent at what you do. Cheers!"
- Jon and Sylvain Guinois, 05/01/2013

"Titus we have just got the pics! There are some real beauties, can't thank you enough. We are so so pleased with them! Will definitely be bringing my other daughter for some later in the year!"
- Lisa Over, 05/01/2013

"We have received the photos and were extremely happy with the result! Thank you so so much for your time."
- Radka Cholakova, 23/12/2012

"Thank you so much for the photographs, they are fantastic!"
- Ellie Mason, 18/12/2012

"My sisters pictures arrived yesterday, they are amazing, great job!!! She loved the company and said you guys make a great team!"
- Agnieszka Lukaszuk, 17/12/2012

"I'm so happy, can't wait to use them. Finally I've got some amazing shots!! Best set of photos I've done in forever!"
- Francesca Callisto, 14/12/2012

"Hi Titus, the photos arrived safely and we LOVE them. Thank you so much, no idea how we'll choose our favourites :)"
- Carla Bulmer, 06/11/2012

"Oh my!!!! I LOVE LOVE them! Amazing! :D I just got home and saw them, thank you so much."
- Julienne Schembri, 31/10/2012

"I've got the photos through, thank you, they're brill! Really pleased with them."
- Doug Fordyce, 27/10/2012

"Absolutely fabulous. We'll be back!"
- Arminarmah, 20/10/2012

"Thanks for the amazing pictures. I loved to work with you. The pictures are perfect! Thank you for the amazing job you did."
- Nidia Moreira, 13/10/2012

"Thank you so much for the amazing photos :)) Love them!"
- Hayley Pellegrini, 13/10/2012

"Hi Titus! Love the photos!"
- Shane McBurney, 12/10/2012

"Pictures are here and look superb, can't thank you enough. Thanks Titus."
- Charlie Pitt, 11/10/2012

"Titus, the photos are FABULOUS! Thank you!"
- Melissa Simon-Hartman, 09/10/2012

"Hey Titus, I received the pictures and they are absolutely stunning! Thank you sooooo much, you did an amazing job. :)"
- Nora Yovcheva, 04/10/2012

"Everybody is blown away with the photos, that agent signed her up in Town. We are just happy we have them for ever."
- Mark Webb, 25/09/2012

"Just to let you know, I received the pictures and am delighted with them. Thanks again for another great set!"
- Anna Kirakowska, 22/09/2012

"Thank you so much for a lovely day. Ben and Becca both enjoyed it very much. They seem extremely pleased with the photos."
- Carol Dowle, 19/09/2012

"It was great, amazing, awesome, brilliant, just perfect."
- Camille Legentilhomme, 09/09/2012

"Just to let you know that we got the CD, really happy with it. Many thanks. :)"
- Sharon Power, 07/09/2012

"Thanks for today, had a brilliant time!"
- Shelly Dhillon, 31/08/2012

"I've already put up the pic in the red top on facebook and got lots of compliments. All thanks to you! :)"
- Divya Saxena, 30/08/2012

"Hi Titus, I got my pictures through today. I'm so pleased with them, thank you so much. They're just how I wanted them."
- Hayley Percy, 25/08/2012

"Thank you so much for the photos. Not only did I have a fun day (and I think my mum did too) but the photos are lovely too."
- Daisy Fulton, 23/08/2012

"Thank you very much for the photos, they are amazing Titus, I am very happy."
- Dominika Michalik, 17/08/2012

"Hi Titus, Thank you for the re-touched photos! They're amazing :) Really happy with them! Thanks again."
- Megan Davies, 13/08/2012

"Just received the CD. Pictures look great! Really happy with them, thanks!"
- Kaleem Khan, 11/08/2012

"Oh my god, everyone went crazy for my pics... Thanks a million."
- Sophie Murton, 03/08/2012

"Hi Titus, I had a brilliant day. My photos arrived and I'm so pleased with them. Thank you so much."
- Jen Smith, 03/08/2012

"Hi Titus, So I got the CD and am so happy with the pictures! You did a really fantastic job! And thanks again for making my experience so relaxing and fun."
- Marisa Costa, 02/08/2012

"Hi Titus, Thank you so so much for today, it was the most amazing experience and biggest confidence booster!! Thanks a million."
- Sophie Murton, 30/07/2012

"Once again thanks heaps! I put some on facebook for my mum to see and she absolutely loved them/you!"
- Hannah Barnett, 20/07/2012

"Thank you for the photos - love them :) The body paint is amazing :)))"
- Dannii Blagoeva, 14/07/2012

"Hi Titus, Just wanna tell you since I put my photos up on my Star Now profile I have already been Cast twice! have also been marked as a "favourite" three times. I will certainly be recommending you to everyone I know and I just want to thank you once again for such fantastic job you did for me."
- Emma Wilde, 15/06/2012

"Hi Titus, Thank you for brilliant cover photos. You are great! Thank you again."
- Sam Gur, 06/06/2012

"Stunning. Thank you from us all."
- Mark Webb, 25/06/2012

"Thanks for the great pictures! It was hard for me to choose because I liked them all. Thanks for your awesome work!"
- Petra Finianos, 21/06/2012

"Hey Titus, I got the CD. The pictures are wonderful. Thanks!"
- Arifur Rahman, 21/06/2012

"Hey Titus, I received the photos yesterday and I'm really happy with them :) Thank you again."
- Jo-Leigh Morris, 20/06/2012

"Hi Titus. The CD with all the headshots arrived today and they look great! I am very happy with them and I hope my agency will think the same way too! Thank you very much again."
- George Pearce, 19/06/2012

"Hi Titus. I Received the photos and I am very pleased with the pictures :) Thank you for an amazing shoot."
- Georgina McNeish, 09/06/2012

"Hi Titus, Pictures received ok! They're brilliant, so thank you very much, again!"
- Robyn Crick, 24/05/2012

"Hello Titus, I have recieved my c.d. Thank you so much, they're amazing :) Really happy with them. Showed my sister & she may be coming to you later in the year!"
- Chelsea Stevens, 22/05/2012

"Hi Titus, Just wanted to say thanks for the photos - there's some really lovely ones in there, am very happy!"
- Melinda Strudwick, 16/05/2012

"Received my photos. Love them, thanks very much!"
- Annabel O'Rourke, 12/05/2012

"Amy had a great day, you and Lauren made her feel very comfortable and at ease."
- David Gray, 12/05/2012

"Want to say thanks for the photos. They are really good."
- Niamh Burden, 12/05/2012

"CD arrived on wednesday. Really wicked stuff in there. Thank you very much."
- Christopher Goldring, 12/05/2012

"Hi Titus! Thank you so so much for the pics of my two girls. You were brilliant with the girls! They didn't want it to end. Many thanks!"
- Gillian Sheridan, 10/05/2012

"Hi Titus, just to let you know, I have received the pictures. Thank you so much, they look amazing, I'm so pleased."
- Sonia Galetti, 09/05/2012

"Niamh loved the shoot. Thanks very much for making it special for her."
- Danny Burden, 01/05/2012

"Just got home from work, took a deep breath and loaded up the DVD..... Wow - really pleased with them!"
- Chris Hawley, 24/04/2012

"I absolutely loved the shoot, I had so much fun. The photos look fab and I love them! Thank you so much!"
- Alice Wilson, 22/04/2012

"Hey! I saw the photos! Amazing! Thank you sooo much."
- Shreya Morjaria, 22/04/2012

"Hey Titus. Got the CD. The pics look amazing. Thank you very much."
- Ope Owoso, 19/04/2012

"Thanks, I am very happy with the photos. I will recommend you to my bellydancing colleagues!"
- Chloe Wicks, 18/04/2012

"Thank you so much for making us so comfortable! It was definitely one of the best experiences of our lives. You were amazing."
- Shreya Morjaria, 16/04/2012

"Thank you ever so much, had a fantastic shoot with you. I really enjoyed myself! The pictures are really fab."
- Charlotte Coe, 15/04/2012

"Thank you for an amazing shoot.. Felt so at ease."
- Alison Lonsdale, 13/04/2012

"Wow! Thank you SO MUCH, I more than like them, I love them! Great shoot and fantastic results! I will be definitely letting my colleagues know about your talents!"
- Sophia Nooshin, 06/04/2012

"The CD for my photos arrived and they are WOW... It was lovely being around you and Lauren. You both got a warm personality. Thanks again."
- Judith Makura, 31/03/2012

"I love these pics!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you soo much."
- Barbora Wohlova, 12/03/2012

"Thank you so much for the pictures.. they are really great!!"
- Marie-Julie Gheysens, 12/03/2012

"It was great doing the photoshoot with you, very relaxing and we all enjoyed it."
- Shahina Begum, 08/03/2012

"Just to let you know that I've recived the CD. Thank you so much, the pictures are great and Nita is very happy with them."
- Valbona Gula, 02/03/2012

"Thank you so much for today. Me and my sis thought it was great, we had fun."
- Katongo Temba, 29/02/2012

"Really pleased with what you have done!! Will come and see you again soon. All the best!!"
- Scott Thomas, 25/02/2012

"Thanks for today, it was fabulous and we got more than what we hoped for! We both love your work!! :D See ya again soon."
- Sarah Tyler, 23/02/2012

"Thank you so much, love the photos!!"
- Jessica Waters, 20/02/2012

"Hi Titus - we're having a slide show here of all the photos - they are all so good. Thanks again."
- Stella Markovitch, 19/02/2012

"Hi Titus, just saying thank you again for the photos. Everyone loves them!"
- Theresa Shangazhike, 09/02/2012

"Hi Titus, thank you for the CD, Shree is so pleased with her photos. Thanks for making her day special."
- Simmy Thakker, 08/02/2012

"Hey Titus! The CD arrived yesterday. I love the pictures and others are loving them too. I'm definitely gonna promote you on my page! Thanks so much!"
- Yolanda Andrade, 03/02/2012

"Started looking through the photos and they look great. Thank you. I'm really happy with them."
- Karen Baugh, 02/02/2012

"Thank you, we have received the CD, very impressed with pictures, they are exceptional. I am spoiled for choice. Thanks once again."
- Kim Blake, 29/01/2012

"Just want to say thanks you once again for a fantastic shoot. I've received my headshots and I'm extremely happy with them. They are brilliant. Thank you very very much."
- Josh Andrews, 24/01/2012

"I've just had a look at the photos. They're great! Thanks very much for giving me so many options!"
- Ed Reeth, 21/01/2012

"Thank you for the pictures! They're perfect :) Thank you so much!!"
- Lilli Mepham, 13/01/2012

"Thanks so much for a great shoot. I'm really pleased with a lot of the photos and have found it difficult to choose!"
- Emily Rogers, 11/01/2012

"Hi Titus, we received the photos. Absolutely fantastic, thank you so much!"
- Andrew Thompson, 07/01/2012

"I got the pics today, they are fab :) I love them."
- Victoria Marsden, 06/01/2012

"Just got the photos, they look awesome. Thanks!"
- Daryl Mander, 16/12/2011

"Thank you so much, I really had a lot of fun. The pics are so good."
- Huda Al Balushi, 14/12/2011

"We’re delighted with the photos – thanks so much."
- The band 'The Portraits', 13/12/2011

"I absolutely love the photos, everyone else thinks they are great and I already have people asking who took them :) Thanks again, I had a great time working with you and I'm really happy with the result."
- Maria Grozova, 29/11/2011

"Titus they are absolutely brilliant!!! I don't think I could be any more pleased with them!! Thank you so so much for getting them to me so quick it is greatly appreciated! They are all just fantastic! Thanks a million."
- Jana Bonwick, 29/11/2011

"Thanks for such a great day - my friends, mother and I very much enjoyed the experience. Received the CD on Tuesday - They're great and I'm so pleased with them all!!"
- Stephanie Chin, 26/11/2011

"Many thanks for the photos. They are so beautiful. I must say today in a modelling agency I had a very nice review. I was told the hair style, the make up and the way the photos were taken were amazing. I thank you again."
- Latifa Hassan, 25/11/2011

"Hey Titus!! Thank you for the photo shoot, you are amazing and the photos are beautiful!!! I will definitely work with you again! and I will recommend you around!"
- Audrey Jover, 24/11/2011

"I really enjoyed it yesterday, it was a really relaxed and warm atmosphere!"
- Nathan Bastin, 24/11/2011

"We had an amazing time!! and we looooove loooove the pictures!"
- Pamela Muyunda, 23/11/2011

"Hi Titus. I received the CD today. The photos look incredible. Thanks so so much!"
- Justyna Wozniak, 22/11/2011

"The pictures are lovely, got some really good ones. Thanks so much."
- Daniella Holder, 21/11/2011

"Just to let you know, my pictures are great Titus, I am so please with them so thanks so much, you are clearly talented!"
- Hazel Salisbury, 18/11/2011

"Thank you once again for the shoot, im in love with my pictures."
- Sian Nathaniel-James, 03/11/2011

"I just wanted to thank you once again for amazing photo shoot experience. Yesterday I received the disc and I really liked the pictures! Thanks again."
- Eugenia Solomkina, 13/10/2011

"Had to let you know, I love love love the pics :) Thank you!"
- Grace Connell, 24/09/2011

"Hi Titus, Pictures look great, thanks for a great shoot."
- Joe Gallacher, 23/09/2011

"Thought I'd let you know that your lovely photos helped me to get a three year contract at a talent agency... Thank you!"
- Sarah Burnett, 23/09/2011

"Just to say THANK YOU for a lovely day yesterday, shoot & hospitality, Hannah was well impressed & so was I, so hopefully you can expect some more shoots coming your way. Photos are amazing."
- Sylvia Langham, 16/09/2011

"Thank you for a great day and the lovely photos. We both had a great day!"
- Amit Srivastava, 13/09/2011

"The pics are amazing, thank you so much!! I'll definately be coming back to you next time I need some more photos. You can be my official photographer now!"
- Lilli Mepham, 08/09/2011

"We had a fantastic time and are really pleased with the pics."
- Aimee Stevens, 27/08/2011

"The pics look amazing Titus, you are really talented. Needless to say have had people wanting your details for photoshoots."
- Ashim Mannan, 19/08/2011

"Thanks so much. Hannah said it was the best birthday present she could imagine. There are so many great pictures and we will be able to enjoy them for years to come."
- Cath Miller, 13/08/2011

"Just to say thank you for the pics. They're gorgeous."
- Samantha Vandepeer, 05/08/2011

"Hi Titus, I've received them, the photos are amazing."
- Kajal Mehta, 31/07/2011

"Thank you so much for doing the photoshoot. You were fantastic with the girls, putting them at their ease and they absolutely loved it. It was just what Emma had wanted and more."
- Wendy Howard-Allen, 16/07/2011

"Thanks Titus, there are many beautiful commercial images from this photo shoot. A collaborative effort well done, I will definitely book another shoot with you again."
- Claudette Edigin, 11/07/2011

"Hi Titus, just want to say a massive thanks from both of us. Very happy with the photos. Dani loved the shoot and would like to come back again at some point."
- Josh Andrews, 10/07/2011

"Just to let you know Emily received the photos and loves them so thank you very much."
- Russell Carter, 09/07/2011

"Titus, I love them. Thank you so much."
- Stephanie Crick, 29/06/2011

"Thanks a million for a great job, you have made me and my family happy."
- Mila Komarova, 27/06/2011

"Hi Titus, we received the photos yesterday and we are very happy with them. Shaz loves them and we might come back for another session some day in the future once we have thought of some new cool looks."
- Ulf Ek, 21/06/2011

"Sooooo pleased with the photos. Thank you so very very much. We both had a great day and felt totally at ease."
- Joanne Wood, 18/06/2011

"I honestly can't thank you both enough. From start to finish you made me feel really at ease and I'm so pleased with the pics!"
- Samantha Shipley, 12/06/2011

"Thanks very much for the pics. They look great."
- Vinesh Singh, 01/06/2011

"Hey Titus, I saw the photos and they are great! Thanks a lot."
- Sophie Helbig, 01/06/2011

"Thank you for the photos received the end of last week - they look great, thank you!"
- Jenna Rodwell, 31/05/2011

"Just to say a belated thanks for the photos. There are some real gems which we love, along with our friends and family. So it was not only a fun afternoon but it captured some lovely memories for the future."
- Gita Parihar, 28/05/2011

"Hi Titus, I've got the CD. Thank you very much, sooooo happyyyyy!"
- Dusan Kaminsky, 27/05/2011

"The photographs are lovely to have. Thanks a million."
- Ewelina Duda, 13/05/2011

"Had the most wonderful welcome ever when we returned from our holiday and found your CD through our letter box. The pics are amazing!!! I love love love them! Thank you so much for making our anniversary so special, and for doing such an awesome job with the shoot."
- Trishina Singh, 05/05/2011

"We've received the CD... the pics look fab. Thanks for everything."
- Denise Henriques, 04/05/2011

"Just wanted to say that I received the CD. I am totally pleased with them. The pictures with me and Jonas are amazing. Thank you so much, I will be back with the rest of the Ghanaian clan! I'm already recommending you to family & friends and they haven't even seen the pictures yet!"
- Gladys Mettle, 29/04/2011

"Hi Titus, want to thank you sooo much for my pictures... They are great... Lots of friends love them."
- Mihaela Stanchi, 16/04/2011

"I would just like to repeat my thanks to you. Saturday was all we could have hoped for and more, your manner and expertise were impeccable. Charlotte had a great time. Thank you so much, you were awesome."
- Craig Pickles, 11/04/2011

"Thank you so much for today, pictures are great and I really appreciate it."
- Becky Davies, 21/03/2011

"Thank you so much for all of the photos, they look brilliant! I have already recommended you to plenty of my friends and put your name by all of my photos on facebook! Many thanks and I look forward to working with you again!"
- Hanna Bardall, 20/03/2011

"Once again I would like to thank you a million for my photo shoot! The pictures are amazing! I am so pleased with how they look! !!!!"
- Jason Pook, 18/03/2011

"I got the CD yesterday. The photos are all gorgeous, I'm so glad that I had them done. Big thanks to you and Lauren again."
- Veronica Ouyang, 13/03/2011

"Just seen the photos. I absolutely love them!!"
- Rachel Bullen, 22/02/2011

"Just wanted to say thank you again Titus, I really enjoyed yesterday and I'm really happy with my pictures."
- Alfa Marks, 19/02/2011

"Hi, just got the pics today, I love them, they're amazing! Thank you :)"
- Liza O'Donnell-Thorpe, 15/02/2011

"Received the photos the other day and they all look great! Thanks for the shoot. It was good fun and will definitely recommend you to anyone who asks."
- Robert Zak, 07/02/2011

"The photos are amazing. Been getting loads of good feedback on Facebook. Thank you guys for all your help. Will definitely recommend you to everyone. Was a pleasure working with you."
- Mari Eesmaa, 06/02/2011

"I am so impressed with the photos, cannot believe it. You have an incredible talent to make me look really fabulous! Thank you so much for them. Wow!! You make me feel like a beautiful woman. Cannot tell you how much it means to know that you captured the best side, as I never could get the photos right. My friends are impressed too."
- Wendy Hanwith, 08/01/2011

"I am authorised by Lily to say how delighted she is with the photographs - that is no mean accolade I can tell you! All her friends and family think that you have done a great job so, again, thank you SO MUCH."
- Sally Forwood, 07/01/2011

"Thank you so much. Love them!"
- Emily Creasey, 19/12/2010

"Wowzers!!!!!! Who's that girl!!! I absolutely love it Titus and I'm so happy I chose to do it. I look amazing!! Now I know how those girls on America's Next top Model feel!!"
- Pauline Eke, 13/12/2010

"I just want to say a massive thank you for myself & Ema's photoshoot! Absolutely love the photos and got some great feedback! Also thank you for making the day very easy, completely different & fun!! I would definitely like another photoshoot with you again some day in the future."
- Laura & Ema Farkas, 11/12/2010

"Titus – I wanted to say a big thank you for sending me the best photographs I have ever had taken – I hate the camera (or it hates me) and you turned me into a normal person... I have already handed out three of your cards!"
- Vanessa Brady, 10/12/2010

"Thank you so much for today, I had a fab time!, sooo pleased that I did it. You and Lauren made me feel completely relaxed. There is not one part of the day that I thought could have been different or I would want to change, apart from I could have stayed all day!"
- Emily Jazayeri, 01/12/2010

"I got the cd the other day, thanks so much, they look great, love it."
- Fatou Barrow, 24/11/2010

"I was very impressed with your professional work & personal ability to make me feel relaxed in front of the camera, especially as this was my 1st shoot."
- Carl Lewis, 19/11/2010

"I received the CD today - fab photos. I still can't believe that I can actually be photographed! Thank you so much, you have given me a new lease of life, I have started to wear all my nice clothes and take better care of myself. Will definitely be back."
- K Parveen, 26/10/2010

"Hi Titus, just got my photos... I love them! Thank you so much."
- Stephanie Crick, 24/10/2010

"Just wanted to thank you for the great work you've done. The sepias went down well and both B&W and colour photos look just as beautiful as in your studio. It is like you brought out and shot the bestest of me. : )"
- Ed Reeth, 07/10/2010

"I received the CD and saw the pictures, they are so WOOOOWWWW lol! You and you make up stylist have done a fabulous job on me so I wanted to say Thank you so much! I just loooove them, they are sexy and innocent, exactly what I wanted! I just put them on facebook, couldn't wait...!"
- Jessica Opay, 11/09/2010

"I'm with an agency now and I owe a big part of it to you."
- Jaimie Yates, 06/09/2010

"Just wanted to say the pictures are amazing. OMG we can't stop looking at the new Kate Moss! Thank you so much for such a fab day. We haven't stopped talking about it. Just wow."
- Rose Mostyn, 04/09/2010

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for the pictures. Everyone loved them. I did not know that I can look that good!"
- Sukhi Sharma, 01/09/2010

"Thank you for the photoshoot yesterday. It was lot of fun! I've received the CD and the photos are fantastic!! I really like them! it's hard to decide which ones to give to my agents cos I like lots of them!"
- Laura Montemagno, 30/08/2010

"Thank you so much Titus. I'm so happy with them, so impressed, you edited everything I would have asked - amazing! Thanks again, I'd be delighted to work with you whenever I need pictures."
- Chris McQuade, 07/08/2010

"The CD arrived today, thank you so much for the wonderful photos, Danni really enjoyed the session, you made everyone feel very relaxed."
- Odette Machado, 06/08/2010

"Needless to say results of our photo shoot are stunning. I really like the pics and have at least 20 favourites!"
- Ilze Avena, 04/08/2010

"The pics are amazing. You're awesome. Am very emotional about the pics, every pic is simply fabulous. Thanks Titus, and I will definately work with you again in the near future."
- Claudette Edigin, 03/08/2010

"Got the CD the other day! Just want to say thank you, they look great!"
- Becky Harris, 21/07/2010

"Just wanted to say a big thank you again for my gorgeous photos and body paint!"
- Kat Bowie, 21/07/2010

"Dear Titus, thank you very much for my photos. I really love them. I had a amazing day and learnt a lot about myself. Both you and your lovely makeup artist really helped put me at ease :) Definitely a unique 30th Birthday present. Thank you once again, I think you may hear from my sister next."
- Daisy Forwood, 17/07/2010

"You have done an outstanding job - thank you so so much; you have more than fulfilled the glamour brief but also have shot some really natural ones too. I just don't know which to frame! A million thanks from a satisfied customer."
- Sally Forwood, 15/07/2010

"Wow. All there is to say really! You've done an amazing job! It was great working with you! I had so much fun xxx"
- Sarah Clark, 03/07/2010

"Hi Titus, I received the photos today :) Thanks SO much for everything, Im really pleased with how they came out. Amazing photography skills, professional and great to work with. Will recommend you to ALL."
- Rhyanne Hall, 03/07/2010

"It was really fun working with you... had a great time"
- Thelma Chukwu, 01/07/2010

"Thanks for today! It was a lot of fun and definitely a good deal :)"
- Grafy Mitchell, 01/07/2010

"I got the CD the other day, the photos look brilliant! Thank you so much, it was really fun working with you :)"
- Sabiha Nazir, 17/06/2010

"I received your pictures today. I love them!!!! Thank you so much. I had a great day."
- Diane Birtz, 09/06/2010

Just to let you know I received the cds :) and the photos are amazing!!"
- Kyri Heals, 05/06/2010

"Titus, I just wanted to thank you for making Bianca's day sooooo special! The photos are truly AMAZING! I will definitely recommend you! So relaxing & so professional."
- Michaela Kearns, 05/06/2010

"Just got the disc you sent. It's amazing, I love the photos. Thank you so much... How did you make me look like that?"
- Jerin Pearl, 01/06/2010

"Completely brilliant."
- Emma-Joan McPherson, 09/05/2010

"Thanks for my pictures! I'm so pleased!"
- Becky Sheridan, 21/04/2010

"Love the photos. Thank you so much."
- Manya Sargent, 14/04/2010

"I have just received the disc and they look amazing. Thank you so much!"
- Sara Fergusson, 14/04/2010

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